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Alfa Romeo Giulia, here’s how the new could be

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Alfa Romeo Giulia, how could you not love one of the most beautiful and performing cars in the recent (and not only) history of the Italian manufacturer. But what has emerged in the past few hours can really surprise everyone.

Alfa Romeo Giulia, the model that car enthusiasts loved and still love very much to this day. The car, for the new generation, will be completely electric. Yes, but going into more detail, what would it look like? Nobody has any idea, also because no official information about it has been obtained.

Alfa Romeo Giulia (web source)

In any case, designs that highlight all the creativity of people like Tobias Buettner, the digital artist, who wanted to completely overturn the style of the current Alfa Romeo sedan, could not be missing. So let’s see how he decided to redesign what could be, in Batener’s eyes, the new Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Alfa Romeo Giulia, the design that makes people talk: you would never have imagined it this way

To see this rendering, it looks more like a cross between a crossover and an SUV coupe. It will make many a fan of Julia’s adorable jerk, but it shows in certain details everything but the latter. In fact, it is similar in some ways to the new Citroen C5 X. Perhaps the design choice is due to rumors that you may see the lines and design of the Alfa Romeo Giulia completely distorted.

In this way, it will be a completely new model to which Stellantis can also add a familiar version. Returning to the design published on the website, it turned out to be a real revolution compared to what we have been accustomed to Giulia in recent years. However, the car will make its debut on the big STLA platform when the new model comes out.

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The car battery in question will already be quite powerful. It will have a capacity of 87-104 kWh, and a maximum range of 700 km. What is the first appearance in the market? The year indicated for the first time is 2025although some predict it may arrive by the end of 2024.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Cross
Alfa Romeo Giulia Crossover (web source)

Weeks and months pass, and in all likelihood, the Giulia will be the first all-electric car of the Alpha manufacturer. In any case, fans of the brand and the car do not despair. As mentioned, Julia will likely turn upside down. But whether electric or non-electric, revolutionary or not, there is no doubt that this great model will have superior performance.

And perhaps even the appearance will amaze us. After all, when we talk about Alfa Romeo, we’re referring to a unique brand to say the least. Correcting such an important and wonderful project would be very exciting for the company involved.

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