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“Signals from Space”, a popular evening with researchers at the La Nuova Fenice Theater – Ancona Chronicles

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OSIMO – The appointment with the mysteries of the universe on August 31. Entry is free based on availability

La Nuova Fenice Theater (photo archive)

signals from space This is the address of this meetingI’ll run at Osimo a day next one August 31 in 9.30 pm to me RLa Nuova Fenice Theatre. An evening, organized by OsimoLab, aims to be a journey through the wonders of the universe and the as-yet-understood mysteries. Researchers and researchers, university professors from Italy and abroad, will intervene in the universe starting from our sun, to reach primordial galaxies, passing through the planets as well. The subject of the signs went down at 360 degrees to understand their messages and also understand how important it is to communicate science to understanding who we are and life on planet Earth.

Quoting the idea of ​​the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics, Giorgio Baresi, “Scientists try to shed light as best they can but not using their information is like trying to drive at night with the headlights off.” The informative evening, with free admission and open to the public while seats last, is recorded in the preparatory school preparation for the Physics Olympiad Games for high school students, returning years later to the Marche, also underlining the city’s commitment from Osimo in spreading scientific culture in line with the goal of the Agenda Fourth United Nations 2030 for Quality Education.

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