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Science Festival, program for Sunday 23 October –

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tomorrow, Sunday 23 Octobercontinues the twentieth edition of Genoa Science Festival, an event that tells about science in an innovative and attractive way, is strongly connected to the region and is recognized as one of the most important events for the dissemination of scientific culture in the world. In addition to exhibitions and workshops, the second day of the festival scheduled 12 conferences and 2 presentations: Sign languages ​​today (10:30 am), Mendel’s greenhouse (11 am and 5 pm), Medicine is coming! (11 perfect), 2071 (3 pm and 5 pm), novice magician (15:00) , Circular materials and food design (15:00) , sex language (3.30 m), Talk about science in virtual worlds (4 pm) , Talk about earthquakes in the third millennium (5.30 m), word for movement (5.30 m), Watch out, DNA is in the sea! (6 pm) , Puzzles to decode the world (6 pm) , Discover IRIDE (6.30 m), Drawing to tell the environment (6.30 m). In addition to lectures and presentations, they are open 28 exhibitions Which 60 workshopswhose timetables are available at

Conference program e Offers

Sign languages ​​today Are they a legacy from the past or an opportunity? It has been discussed by a professor of linguistics at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice who specializes in typical and atypical language acquisition. Anna CardinaleteAnd the Elena Minosi, Fellow of General and Social Education at the University of Palermo H Francesco Bavani Professor Center for Mind/Brain Sciences – CIMeC of the University of Trento (10.30 a.m., Sala del Minor Consiglio of Palazzo Ducale, Supervisor) Sabina Fontana). 2022 marks the bicentenary of the birth of Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics. The show focuses on his life and revolutionary discoveries Mendel’s greenhouse, Edited by Le Nuvole, Made by in Nettle plant (Saint Nicolas greenhouses) on the 11th and 17th with Massimo Roccio And the scientific contribution of serena vinegarAnd the Giuseppe Sacon And the Marco Salvimini.

in Medican is coming! Mario Marcelo Miglita, Director of Research at the CNR Institute for Atmospheric Sciences, in which he serves as the Strategic Area Coordinator for Meteorological and Climate Observations and Models, leads the detection of hurricanes in the Mediterranean, focusing on areas most affected and changes that are due to global warming (11 a.m., archive Historic Palazzo Ducale). A “tour” of the climate future to understand and correct the present: a San Giorgio Palace (3 and 5 p.m.) The traveling exhibition is scheduled to be shown 2071Sponsored by Lugano Arte e Cultura Duncan Macmillan And the Chris Rapleywith Angela Rosie And the Graziano Cersei. in novice magician The Economist Daniel Archibugidirector of the Institute for Research on Population and Social Policy at CNR and journalist Julia Bonelli They explain tricks and “spells” to aspiring researchers to find suitable career opportunities in Italy, amid the explicit and implicit rules of the academic community (3pm, University of Genoa Library). in Circular materials and food design Giovanni BeirutResearcher at the Italian Institute of Technology, where he deals with biomaterials Sonia Massari An expert in the sectors of sustainability education, food design and innovative agri-food systems, explains how it is necessary to develop a new interdisciplinary strategy for the circular economy, giving an example of a new system adopted in the fruit and vegetable market in Genoa (15 hr, Palazzo Ducale historical archive).

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What is the relationship between language and culture, between grammatical gender and biological and social gender? in sex language One of the leading experts in this sector speaks about it: linguist and academic Della Krushka Vittorio Colletti (3.30 p.m., Sala del Minor Consiglio at the Doge’s Palace). Effectively communicating research findings and viewpoints is essential to those who practice science and Talk about science in virtual worldsUsing , we examine tools such as simulation, serious games, manipulation, and possible metaverses Francesco La Trouvaan architect and journalist working on the design and communication of physical and virtual spaces, Lara OlivettiGeneral Manager of Entrepreneur at Melazeta who deals with the design and development of entertainment products, digital education, play and Luca RoncelaHead of the Department of Games and Digital Interaction at the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan (4 pm, Auditorium del Galata Museo del Mare, Moderator Giacinto Paris). After the L’Aquila earthquake in 2009, information about earthquakes in Italy and the world changed radically, and with it the languages ​​used also had to adapt to the new channels: geologist and seismologist. Alessandro AmatoDirector of Research at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology and Head of INGV’s Tsunami Alert Center along with a National Seismological Observatory Technologist Maurizio BenoniExplain how Talk about earthquakes in the third millennium (5.30 p.m., Palazzo Ducale Historical Archive).

On the motor communication and social interactions of the children who live there word for movement Christina Picchioa senior researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology and expert in body movement during social interaction, Luca Casartellineuroscientist and coordinator of the Theoretical and Cognitive Neuroscience Unit at IRCCS Medea Scientific Institute, Lino Nobilia neurophysiologist, pediatric neuropsychiatrist and director of pediatric neuropsychiatry at the G. Gaslini Hospital in Genoa and Corrado SenigalliaDirector of the Cognition in Action Lab of the University of Milan (5.30 pm, University of Genoa Library, mod. Katrina Answini). The European project Life Conceptu Maris aims to build maps of the ecological characteristics of cetaceans and turtles by revealing microscopic traces of genetic heritage in the waters, and in Watch out, DNA is in the sea! Researcher at CIMA Research Institute delves into methods and results Paula TipsichResearcher at Ispra for Biodiversity Conservation and Monitoring Antonella Arcangeli and molecular ecologist Elena Falcichi (6 p.m., Auditorium del Galata Museo del Mare, Moderates Francesco Tomasinelli).

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Iranian American naturalized theoretical physicist Comron favaone of the world’s leading string theory experts, talks about it Puzzles to decode the world Between Physics and Mathematics (6 pm, Sala del Maggior Consiglio at Palazzo Ducale). In June, the European Space Agency and the Presidency of the Council signed an agreement to launch IRIDE, which will become the most important constellation of low-orbit Earth observation satellites in Europe and to be built in five years in Italy. in Discover IRIDE The person in charge of implementation in Italy deepens the details and objectives Guido LivriniItalian delegate to the European Space Agency’s Industrial Policy Committee Roberto Formararro And a member of the “Space Technical Committee” at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Andrea Taramelli (6.30 p.m., Sala del Minor Consiglio of Palazzo Ducale, moderates Letizia Davoli). Visual thinking is a visual language made up of handwritten words (simple graphics and symbols) capable of explaining the most complex issues in a rigorous and at the same time accessible manner. In the graphic to tell the environment, the tables of the “Ambiente che vive” series were explored with the authors Jacobo SaquinoE., one of the most important Italian optical thinkers Matthew Garbarinoresearcher and lecturer in forest and landscape ecology at the University of Turin (6.30 p.m., Baltimore Garden Cty).

Information and tickets

The full program of the festival is available on the website, where you can also download the pdf file of the catalog. active in The festival’s call center is on 0108934340, For information and reservations by schools. Buy tickets This can be done on the festival website (without the need to collect at the ticket office) and onInfopoint was created in the inner courtyard of the Doge’s Palacewhere animators can also advise on activities to follow during the day.

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Ticket type for previous versions confirmed. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the festival, all festival conferences are free for those born after January 1, 2003. Tickets and reservations I It can be purchased online On the festival website, Through the call center (Tel. 0108934340) andinfo point. Ticket costs unchanged: full day 13€, reduced 11€, ultra low 9€, standard full 21€, reduced 18€, ultra low 12€, premium subscription (with subscription holder free bookings) 30€ and season ticket schools 9€ . Children up to 5 years old, accompanying teachers, and carers for people with disabilities are not paid. Season tickets are valid for every day and all festival events. A subscription to Festival Online is also available for 365 days of use of the on-demand archive on the platform at a cost of €10. The three Standard, Premium, and Schools subscriptions include the online subscription. All Project Scholars in Libraries and Online Classroom Program events are free.

The Reservations (Reserved seats) for paid events (cost €0.50) is recommended for the general public. Starting this year, it’s also possible to make reservations (for free) for free events. For classes, reservations are mandatory, free of charge, and must necessarily be made through the call center. The School Ticket and Teacher Card also allow for individual use of the entire festival programme, from October 20 to November 1. The Call center hours She: until October 19 from Monday to Friday 08.30 – 17.00; From October 20 to November 1, Monday to Friday 08.30 – 19.00; Saturdays and holidays 09.30 – 19. All festival subscriptions also include a subscription to the platform, through which some of the events of this cycle and previous editions can be viewed, for a period of one year. More information about tickets at

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