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Shui-Han flies on the short, second Pavluchenko-Kodikin – OA Sport

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Skate Canada 2021 starts with a bang, The second stage of the ISU Grand Prix Figure Skating Circuit is scheduled for this weekend Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Center in Vancouver (British Columbia). In fact, in the short plan of the pair, at the end of a good match, to get the lead in the rankings Chinese Wenjing Shui-Kang Han, Eve’s big favorites.

There are sub-Olympic champions Imposed by scattering on enemies, Re-baking one Clean performance in seven components. Very good in that respect Three tulips in parallel, As well as Triple Flip Flip and Triple Twist, also known as Level 4 Side by side And raised Group 4. Champions already coached by Hangpo Zhao, as happened at the Asian Open They paid little duty in the final, Collecting only level 2 in the sequence of steps and level 3 in the loop, reaches a score of 78.94 (42.08, 36.86).

The Russians, on the other hand, placed themselves at a lateral distance Daria Pavliuchenko-Denis Kodikin, Which showed impressive performance from a technical point of view Frenetic observation at the entrances and exits of difficulties, With almost acrobatic figures: for a wonderful example Creative tail in three turns (Apparently Level 4) as well as the launch of the majestic Triple Ridberger Gateway. But for one reason Bold fall at the beginning of a series of connecting steps Between the spiral and the top, the Russians were assigned a minus point, which was added with another penalty. Time violation, The pair stopped at 69.46 (39.26, 32.20) and refused to reach 70.

The Germans are also currently in third place much better Minerva Fabien Haas-Nolan SeekertThanks to the score of 67.93 (36.45, 31.48), the designers of a program without errors Hosted by Kirsten Moore Towers-Michael Marinaro, Quarters with 66.43 (33.68, 32.75) and Slow through the two smudges Parallel to the triple twist and triple toe loop, that is Vanessa James-Eric Radford, Inaccurate in triple salcho, called underuorato, triple loot launched, which practically descended two feet and at the top, lost uniformity; Failure With what However reached 65.02 (32.10, 32.92).

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