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It is time in Turin to give space to young people to test it in the light of the future

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Luca Gemilo

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It’s nice to see the progress in training, but it’s always the game where the points are, which are essential to understanding how much a young player is worth. Then he saw that a file Turin He is actually safe, thanks to 35 points obtained in 29 matches, he will be good at The remaining nine races allow youngsters to play Give them the starting jersey and not just use it from time to time or have them occasionally take charge of the finals.

Neither Milinkovic-Savic nor Berisha were completely convinced of the goal so why not use Twin That when he was used, due to the absence of his other teammates, he did not concede a goal against Fiorentina and did a good job? The same goes for defenders zima And the good morning. So is the midfielder curls Or the attacking midfielder Check and attack abroad Heating. But also, if and when he no longer has physical problems, the attacker Pellegri.

It is not necessary to have them all play together, but sending them onto the pitch in turns and in the case of confirming who does well to test their performance in back-to-back matches would be a step forward to determine which of them is ready to play at the start of next season.

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