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Canada: Stop resistance, restrictions and duties of truckers. Use on jaws and window

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Canada is like an avalanche that is “dangerous” from Ottawa to Washington.

Quotes are “dangerous” because they are expected to be half the opposite in the United States.

For the second week in a row, truck drivers did not stopAnd the parade of the first provinces.

To lead the way, Jason KennyPrime Minister of West Alberta: Immediate revocation of the vaccine passport (equivalent to our green pass)Should be clear) and Eliminate all restrictions and all health obligations Within three weeks.

So keep masks outdoors and indoors, and stop any kind of vaccination duty.

With a basic stepIn some ways even the era, On schools and children:

“Given the minimal risk that Covid-19 represents for the health of children, it is no longer justifiable to continue to slaughter and limit the lives of our children after two years.”

Clearer than that, impossible.

This is basically the opinion, Kenny summarizes it during the same press conference:

“Our attitude towards Kovit must change as the disease changes.”

The percentage of vaccinated people is now high and integrated, hospital admissions and intensive care patients continue to decline, and the prevalence of the Omigran variant is declining day by day.

In short, we must keep in mind that we cannot continue to limit democracy, freedom and the lives of the people.Really for no reason.

Words like thunder immediately drag the results of the two regions of Saskatchewan and Quebec.. And what they bring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was corneredIs more systematically isolated from the infection, and in fact still escapes chaos and demonstrations.

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Canada is not aloneAnyway. But With United States In fact, look out the window.


And especially with Anthony Fossie The one who lands on the field again, perhaps for the first time, makes an announcement Loosen the grip. Many states have already left on their own, but with a clear signal to the president that they would like to insist instead: The hard phase is over, and everything will be over soon.

TrueOr at least some suspicion, It is more of a political fact than a health fact.
Because stars and line numbers are not so promising. But the by-elections are approaching.
People, for their part, are tired on the left and angry on the right.

(Canadian truckers also blocked a busy international border across North America – Ambassador Bridge connecting Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan)

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