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She finds out that she is positive on the plane, closed and “isolated” in the bathroom for the duration of the flight

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A long flight from Chicago to Reykjavik takes an unexpected turn after takeoff. An American woman who discovered she had Covid while on an Icelandic plane bound for Iceland, was isolated from passengers with a kind of “little quarantine” in the bathroom, waiting to disembark. This is the only episode reported by many American newspapers, including CNN, which dates back to December 19th. The woman, Marisa Fotiou, a teacher from Chicago, took 2 particle smears and 5 rapid tests before the flight, all negative. But leaving only started to feel unwell and severely sore throat.

“Well, I thought I was going to the bathroom for a test,” Fotiou told CNN. “It’ll make me feel better.” However, the result was a bitter surprise: positive. The woman panicked, and called a flight attendant. The flight attendant first tried to find a seat on the plane away from other passengers, and then, since the flight was almost full, agreed with the woman that she would stay in the bathroom for the rest of the flight.

A sign was placed on the door that read “Out of duty,” and Fotieo spent the remaining three hours traveling there. The hostess periodically checked her condition and gave her food and drink. While in the shower, the positive woman also made a TikTok video, which has been viewed over 4.3 million times.

Once the plane landed in Iceland, Fotiu and his family were the last to land from the flight. The woman was taken to a Red Cross hotel, where she spent ten days in quarantine.

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