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Shazam! Who is David F. Sandberg, the born YouTuber who is passionate as a fan | Cinema

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David F. Sandberg, director of Shazam! Fury of the Gods, is a Hollywood anomaly that is simultaneously a model of the “fresh” artist the industry would love to hold in the palm of your hand. Managers often turn around with the budget entrusted to them. When they can pull off a $100 million blockbuster movie, they lose that subtlety that characterizes everyone who starts out. They become press tour professionals, deft custodians of plot secrets they don’t reveal even in the crossfire of questions. They stop obsessing over other people’s opinions, about reviews, they work in the studio according to its rules.

Instead, David F. Sandberg matched. A fan, a cinema enthusiast who seems to still dream of being a director. He likes to tell himself in a very real way, as an introvert, he explains on his YouTube channel He tells of the tricks, secrets, and behind the scenes of the director’s work. So, in a behind the scenes footage he posted himself, he can be seen walking around Comic-Con anxiously passing comments to the trailer he just presented. Shazam! Wrath of the Gods And she enters into a crisis after a few exhausting hours from the exhaustion of the day of interviews. He admits to his wife’s camera that he thinks he’s a bad director and an uninterested person from the media. Could you develop imposter syndrome while working on one of the biggest movies of the season? Yes, can it be shown to the public? Apparently yes.

For example, it is inconceivable that the Russo Brothers would show such fragility by going storytelling Avengers: Endgame. Also from the video, it’s clear that this shyness has led to problems for Sandberg, who chooses to take a course to make sure her closure doesn’t sound like depression and thus insecurity regarding the film. Nevertheless, this unusual director, who seems more fragile than his colleagues, is the perfect creature for Hollywood in the field of the film industry. Because he speaks the same language as the fans, listens to them, and knows how they think by showing himself as a fan.

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Who is David F. sandburg?

Swede David F. Sandberg has dreamed of making films since his teens. He’s looking for some jobs to support himself, the only job he likes is the one in the video store, and it’s too bad he has to talk to the other people who boycotted the movie, he says. Thus, he started making animated short films in his spare time. They were uploaded to YouTube and they did so well in Sweden, that some companies commissioned him his first creative work for TV commercials.

Thanks to his profession, he met his future wife, actress Lotta Lostine. They both dream of careers, exercise and try on some home pants. they share with Turn off the lights In the short film competition. It lost the main prize, but won Best Director.

When things change Turn off the lights Posted on Reddit. The short film caught on and Sandberg quickly caught the attention of the industry in those years that was very keen to attract new talent from the web. In 2013, Andres Muschietti managed to beat Guillermo del Toro Mother who then produced the film on a short basis, the mom. Something similar happened to the manager Shazam! The meeting with James Wan was decisive. Sandberg soon found himself in Hollywood with a feature film contract and… no script.

Lights out – horror in the dark It was produced in haste and on a tight budget. The shooting and audition performances went well and Wan asked him to direct Annabelle 2: Creation. Thus Sandberg began working in horror pre-production even before the premiere of his first feature film.

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This movie was also successful. It was an unexpected and successful sequel, as no one bet on a good outcome. David F. Sandberg was now a darling studio director and James Wan’s entry into the DC universe as director of the DC Universe Aquaman They facilitate betting on Shazam!. The young director known for his horrific films faced a big-budget superhero comedy.

David F.  Sandberg Shazam

Shazam twist!

Shazam! He was a whitefly in the DC Universe. A funny and somewhat sunny family-themed superhero comedy. He got the cast and tone right, and upended expectations regarding stylistic choices for the upcoming horror director and a universe leaning toward darkness.

David F. Sandberg today does not have his own recognizable style, which is also due to the leaps in the genre. However, one thing remained: the passion with which he handles projects. He complains, without argument and with a wink, about his inability to share all the updates and behind the scenes he would like on his YouTube channel.

He said it took him some time to understand how the US production system works. Being in the habit of doing everything on his own, he often had to hold back from taking the editor’s mouse or starting shooting right on the set. In the case of the feature film Turn off the lights Not to go over budget, he took care of a few small visual effects adjustments himself. It is remarkable that he learned by doing, without attending film school, and it is even more amazing that he still learns through a do-it-yourself approach.

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In 2022 he posted a video update on his ‘ponysmasher’ channel where he did it Demonstrates all of his new projects and some 3D editing techniques and software that he learned to use over the course of the year. YouTube is still a useful tool for sharing trivia and Easter eggs From his movie trailers. His innovation lies in the way he speaks and introduces himself to fans. Equally, it portrays the movie as a work-in-progress. A warm approach, from “One of You” is already in the realm of cinema but not that deep.

Zack Snyder has used social media to fight his battles. James Gunn does this to reassure fans. Marvel tends to communicate with official announcements instead. Sandberg talks about himself, both as a director and as a passionate person who is trying to do something he believes in most, while still doubting that he can live his dream.

The new chapter Shazam! Wrath of the GodsWill you allow him to continue on this path successfully? We’ll know soon!

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