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Christian de Sica, same-sex relationship with the famous Paolo Contecini: Finally the truth

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Well-known actor Christian de Sica is one of the most famous faces of Italian comedies. However, her private life hides a long-discussed relationship, an unresolved point about her sexual orientation. Let’s find out what is true.

Christian de Sica and Massimo Boldi, an immortal couple. It is rare to write that a duo not only made the history of Italian cinema, but also established the controversial (and hated and loved depending on the viewer) genre “Cinepanettone”. It’s impossible to separate the comic gags and general tone of these Christmas movies from Vitality duo representative. However, while Massimo Boldi has been married for some time, Christian de Sica hides a secret, a part of himself that has long been hidden.

Christian De Sica for “Ti Sento”, broadcast screenshot

Unlike Boldi, De Sica has always been a son of art: in fact, he started working at a very young age, taking part in many films and extras on television. After a brief spell in Venezuela before the economic meltdown after high school, de Sica graduated in Arts. Friendship with Massimo Boldi goes back to that period, who later became his “lifetime” colleague. De Sica is clearly famous for the films of Carlo Vanzina and Neri Parenti; But it is also worth noting the association with another “giant”, Carlo Verdon.

The relationship with Poldi ends in 2006; Mutual accusations, quarrels and misunderstandings. A painful break for many, it’s all about writing, especially for fans of the historical duo. Then the comic couple partially reconciled with the film “On vacation on Mars“.
However, it would be unfair to attribute De Sica only to comedy; He is actually a resilient actor who has proven his ability to interpret very challenging roles, for example by winning the Interpretation Silver Bar in “the youngest child(2010) by Pupi Avati, accompanied by Luca Zingaretti and Laura Morante.

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Christian de Sica’s Secret (But Is It Really?)

Christian de Sica for Rai 1, screenshot of the broadcast

And who knows how the Italian Di Sica also worked in Hollywood productions? This is the case of the thriller with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie “the tourist(2010). Always in the name of amazing versatility, De Sica has also directed 9 films himself and has recorded 5 swing music records.

Part of these subtle aspects is the homosexual chat that De Sica would have had with a fellow actor. However, how is that possible, one wonders: De Sica is actually (fortunately) married to Silvia Verdone, Carlo’s homonymous sister. Another bond of great importance that De Sica fosters is with actor Paolo Conticini: close friends, colleagues from many films, the two consider themselves inseparable.
That’s enough, under the “ass and t-shirt” tagline, to indicate that de Sica does indeed have a homosexual relationship with Contessini, which is not just a “strong” male friendship.

Paolo Conticini for “Come to me”, screenshot of the broadcast

The gossip that de Sica now seems to be tired of denying, is so absurd: “It’s crazy bullshit“- Christian declared. The story of his alleged homosexuality is a rumor that has been recurring since he and Paolo photographed together”men men menIn which they played the role of a gay couple.

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