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Shaping the space with acoustic elements. Dissonance and Harmony by Susan Phillips at Castello di Rivoli

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Susan Phillips, Part Song, 2022, Courtesy of the artist and the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, Rivoli – Turin

Now on its third date, the project In the open sky 2022 subordinate CRC Foundation, In cooperation with Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, It is enriched by New audio installation: Part song, 2022And the From Susan Phillips Which will be presented on Saturday November 5th at 11:30 a.m. in Civil Museum of the Press at the former College for orphanswhich was formerly the seat of the Discalced Carmelite at Mondoví.

song part It is an installation created for iEntrance to the Civic Museum of the Press From Susan PhillipsOne of the most important artists in the world in the field ofsound art. Sound art is an art form that began in the historical avant-garde in the twentieth century Shapes and space modification with audio elements.

Work, inspired by Or not Madrigals book1568, by Maddalena Casolana (1544-1590), evoking I Themes of separation and the desire for reunion, as well as being a tribute to the place where the work is, which in the past sheltered orphaned girls. Maddalena Casolana is the first composer in the history of music to have an entire book on her music published.

Typographical elements, Museo Civico della Stampa, Mondovi, 2022, Photo: Susan Phillips

The artist chose to sing two songs From this part I found in Kunio and recorded them Until the words become abstract tones. Separate recordings come Reproduced by two loudspeakers, erected at the entrance to the museum: songs designed for play simultaneouslyso that they merge and overlap Create dissonance and harmony.

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Choosing to create a business in Greetings to Madalina Casolana For Museo Civico della Stampa, it turns out to be of particular importance, especially given the fact that the music book, separated from the other parts of the composition and kept in a local library, brings to mind the themes of chapter and distance in which the artist thinks resonates and resonates deeply in This is a former school for orphaned girls.

The project is part of At CIELO APERTO 2022. 4 Works of Contemporary Art Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the CRC Foundation, Divided into 4 general technical committees entrusted to 4 important international artists which are gradually being put into 4 favorite places – Mondovì, Cuneo, Alba and Bra – in the Cuneo region where the CRC Foundation operates.

The project is part of the programme generation of ideasmade by CRC Foundation to celebrate its 30th anniversaryIt is designed to be enjoyed by the community in a dimension of renewed freedom and the outdoors, unlike the restrictions that have characterized the past few years of cultural activities. The appointment comes after the opening of the business The third talent paradise2022, from Michelangelo Pistoletto in Cuneo E Attendance ward of absence2019-2022, by Olafur Eliasson At Grinzane Cavour Castle.

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