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Serie D LIVE: DERTHONA won the play-off 3-0 and was saved, ALBA CALCIO was relegated to Eccellenza. Live life again –

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The match is valid for Group A of Serie D: The Dertona-Alba Calcio match will be played at the Fausto Coppi Stadium in Tortona (today from 4pm). Follow the live text with us!

Formations and results sheet

Dirtona: Satannino, Nani, Procopio (42′ St. Dall’Olio), Marchetti, D’Avoncio, Carcales, La Cava, Tognato (12′ Amaradiu St.), Saka (22′ Gay St.), Manasif (46′ Tosila St.), Robotti (37 ‘El Tudisco).

Available: Mandarino, Tamposi, Jolie, Taverna.

Coach: Stefano Torre.

Alba Football Club: Ribeiro, Barbagiovanni, Foschi (23 Via Albisetti), Scotto, Girudo, Senna, Cia, Galasso, Galvano (12 Via De Salvatore), Bonelli (23 Via Baracane), Yankin Yankin (40 Via Imperato).

Available: Bergonzi, Marine, Diy, Marangoni, Carnovali.

Coach: Fabrizio Viasi.

Referee: Striamo from Salerno (assistants: Gigliotti from Lamezia Terme and Mallamaci from Reggio Calabria).

Scorers: 37′ Roboti (D), 10′ Tognato (D), 15′ Roboti (D).

Notes: Sunny and warm afternoon, pitch in good condition; Audience for special events, about 1,000 spectators. Manasiv, Procopio (D), Galasso, Yankin Yankin (A) were booked.

The first half

Dertona Alba Football, let’s play. “Leoncelli” in the usual black and white outfit; Albisi is white with red and blue inserts.

0-0 After 5 minutes, Tortonesi started strongly, having already collected two corners;

15th place in “Kobe”, a very tactical match so far and still “all cards are face down”. 0-0 partial;

18′: La Cava sends a poisonous ball into the Alba area, but no one reaches it.

23′: Shot by Dertona! Saka prompts Procopio, from the right, for a score that hits the crossbar to Ribeiro’s right;

30th place, so far more Dertona than Alba Calcio but still 0-0;

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35′: An exciting starting point from Nani, a header from Lacava hits the crossbar and goes from behind.

37′: Dertona – Alba Calcio 1-0! Roboti frees himself and fires a diagonal shot that beats Ribeiro.

1 minute of extra time;

Dertona – Alba Calcio 1-0 at the end of the first half. This is a result that so far equals the performance shown by Stefano Torre’s team. Langaroli for Mr. Fabrizio Viasi who failed to sting in the attack.

the other half

There are no alternatives and cross-play;

10′: Dertona – Alba Calcio 2-0! Procopio catches Tognato inside the penalty area, shoots a “surgical” diagonal and scores the second goal for “Lioncelli”.

15′: Dertona Alba Calcio 3-0! Tortona’s players continue to press to find the three, with a powerful and accurate shot from Robotti (a shot just behind the post).

Two goals in quick succession for Leoncelli, who are mortgaging their salvation, with an “angry” start to the second half and nothing the Alba players do.

21′: Header from Jankin Jankin from a free kick, Satanino saves the ball.

30 again 3-0 in favor of Dertona.

The clock is ticking and the final judgments are approaching;

5 minutes added time;

Here the match and the season end, and Dertona defeats Alba Calcio 3-0 (in an official match) and obtains salvation in the Italian League. After only one sporting year, Lang’s team leaves the fourth series and returns to Eselenza.

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