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Paniconi, Giannini and the hockey team: the pride of Potenza Pessina

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The three awards given by the municipal administration during Santana’s Day: to CBF coach Balducci, the second from Lube and the company that won the A1 Series. Vice Mayor Casciotti: “a tribute to them, their talent and their great commitment”

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Luca Paniconi, Romano Giannini and the Potenza Pesina hockey team: these are the three who have been awarded the title “Sporting Pride 2022”, awarded by the municipal administration as part of the Feast of Sant’Anna in Porto Potenza.

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Prize for hockey team

Prize, handed over Vice Mayor for Sports Giulio Casciotti, Its purpose is precisely to promote representatives of city sports who have deservedly distinguished themselves at the national level. Three different disciplines, many great results: women’s volleyball, with Luca Paniconi, current coach of Cbf Balducci, promoted to A1; men’s volleyball, with Romano Giannini reconfirmed as second coach Loeb Folli; Potenza Pesina Hockey, the team that won the A1 Series during the last tournament. “These results are a source of great pride for the entire city – Casciotti commentedOn the sidelines of the handover ceremony – The honor given this evening is a tradition we intend to renew, given the many citizens who distinguish themselves each year in competitions at the highest level through sporting practice. Honoring them for their talent and great commitment.”

Luca Panicone

Recognition of Luca Panicone

Romano Giannini

Recognition of Romano Giannini

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