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Serie B football, live stream at Monza Vicenza 4-0: Yes, ‘life is good’ for Stropba

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A few whistles when off the field for Brocchi, who responds to some grumbling in the runway. In the second half, Monza is attacking from the first minute, but he has a flaw in keeping him open until 5 from the end, despite the chances provided by Mancuso and Pole Getquier, both inspired by Valotti. Then Barberis gathered in front of the goal with two goals to none, and Pasini shot as soon as he entered his goal with a cross from the excellent Sioria. In ultimate glory also for Mancuso, with the right of rotation allowing him to unlock himself in red and white.

45’st + 3- ends here. Bitter return of Christian Bruschi to Monza, ends 4-0 for red and white for Stroppa, outnumbered by all time

45’st + 1- Monza goal! Mancuso is unlocked too! Turn right from inside the area on the far column. Yes, life is good for this Monza

44 ‘ Monza goal! Ciurria passes to the left and crosses in the middle and 3-0 with Pasini’s own goal. Rerun of “La vita l’è bela” which is also a party to the Vicenza Curve, as before

40- End of May, in Pasini in Vicenza. Calderola also emerges from within the Petilla. After the goal, U-Power speakers play a Cochi and Renato song and Vicenza fans, despite the goal, sing it in the corners. Just like it didn’t happen ten minutes ago

thirty-ninth Monza goal! Ciurria from the right, turn and Barberis head to head with Grande throwing it!

38’st- Privedo Calderola who loses the ball and Teodorczyk does not take advantage of it. Reversal in front and Mancuso again misses the scoring opportunity

35’st- D’Alessandro raises it from a standstill, the ball crosses the area, and Monza fails to become dangerous. The game is still open in the score, even if you are not up to the playing level at all

34’st- The red and white curve sings Cochi and Renato, the music that accompanies the end of the Monza race. It’s a pity that the red and white who play it are those who play it in Vicenza

31’st- Risk Monza! In the corner of Vicenza, Maggio raises his head and Di Gregorio has to reach out to catch him

27’st- Ciurria back in central streets, Cavion posted him outside and it’s up to him to see a card waving at him

25’st- Big acceleration by D’Alessandro, locking in on Dalmonte. Sprint shows how to fully recover. Too bad that yellow was used in the procedure in question

24’st- D’Alessandro crosses the area, Molina responds from the far post, Mancuso goes to hit the net and is stopped twice

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22’st- Mancuso away between the two, then D’Alessandro who comes back and on rebound Valoti tries right: low shot at the edge of the shaft

20’st- Valoti goes far in the row, the ball to Mancuso: left and corner

19’st- Red card for Vicenza bench member, Balzaretti

16’st- Valoti is out again, Gytkjaer Pole! Zonta comes out, inside Da Cruz. Outside Bole, inside Teodorczyk. Pereira is out too, and Di Alessandro sees himself again after a long injury

15’pt- Marvel of Valoti, who from the outside finds a tunnel capable of putting Mancuso face to face with Grandi: the former empoli is two steps ahead

XIV – Monza hasn’t gotten into trouble, yet. But she is not even able to close the game, despite the numerical superiority. Another couple settles forward by Ciurria, creating a numerical superiority

12’st- Monza again: Mota comes out, inside Mancuso. Sampirisi also outside, Antov in

9’st- As already happened with Parma, illuminated registration plates with yellow-blue layout and the words “Peace” of the war in Ukraine. On the pitch, Valotti wins in comparison to the forty-year-old Maggio and gets a free kick not far from the flag.

7’st- Valoti turns on Molina, who moves her from left to right but she is protected. Monza’s possession continues to attack

5’st- Monza has no interest in picking up the pace. Now across from the right, Valoti Tower and Mota reassert its head, but it’s very central

2’st- Monza Immediately, with Ciurria taking the bottom and serving in the middle, Gytkjaer shot her. Then Ciurria tried himself off the ledge with a big left ending up high

1’st- Out Mazzitelli, who took a heavy headshot, but played a great first half. Inside Barberis. Giacomelli is out too, in Padilla for Vicenza, then Crecco out and at Sandon

During the intervening period, all players were in motion, with Barberis stepping up the pace and appearing ready to enter the field.

Vicenza scares Di Gregorio with Cavion who unleashes a very violent wake at 6′: a ball that came out just a bit. Two minutes later, Sampieresi at the far post was able to free himself from defences, sweep away from goal, score and raise his arm as a sign of respect towards his former team. Gytkjaer in the 11th minute could hit the net from the point, but it’s expected, as is Mota at 28′ about half an hour before in a shoot action, with Dane in the man’s assist version. Vicenza will also have a good chance, with Giacomelli via Zonta putting him head-to-head with Di Gregorio: a very high ball, but also an offside whistle. 4 from the red break to De Maio, after consulting Var, for making a mistake as Gytkjaer’s last man.

45’pt + 4- The first half ends here, with Monza staying ahead and a futile attempt to play by Motta

45’pt + 2- Early recovery of Mazetelli, author of the brilliant first half. Few steps forward and right throttle, corners too much

45’pt – four minutes of recovery allowed, even less than that expected, due to the long break for the Mazetelli-Calderola match and the expulsion after a check in Var

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43’pt- Monza was in control 11 to 11, this last time the difference in management between the red team and the guests, today in the black jersey, was clear. Many outages in the first half, a steady recovery is expected

41’pt- Minnelli goes to Var: red for De Maio and Vicenza at ten!

40’pt- Massive chance for Monza: Mazzitelli’s ball for Gytkjaer who escapes but De Maio pulls him down, yellow for Vicenza. Monza’s protests explode, and Pereira is also angered by the fourth official.

37’pt- Search and find Mota and Getkjayer. Stroba has been saying this for a while: The Dane is fine. And even today he proves it, touching many balls and many doors

34’pt- With a great deal of uncertainty in defense and little rounding in attack: Vicenza is now lost with Dalmonte not even the visiting fans like

30’pt- Valotti slips in from the left, as Motta did a little earlier, and puts in the middle: Gytkjaer anticipates the trajectory of the ball with one step and misses a two-step shot, and the defense closes a corner.

29’pt- Giacomelli! Zonta puts him alone in front of Di Gregorio, but the Vicenza ten shoot high from two steps. But the referee blew an offside whistle at the final touch

28’pt- Another great opportunity missed by Monza, almost a copy of what happened in the 11th minute: Jetker recovers and flies in Grande’s direction, then sends Motta whose right foot is intercepted from the spot

26’pt- Mazetelli wakes up with a flashy head bandage, and the calderola comes out. pause too long

24’pt- The game is still off, Calderola leaves the field to continue his rescue. But Mazitelli is still on the ground

21’pt- Another Monza counterattack with Ciurria making the field and chain hemisphere. It flips forward and hits the Calderola and Mazetelli. Whether on the ground, help comes and stops the game

20’pt- Pereira left, outside his traditional area of ​​expertise: 5v3 counterattack, then the Portuguese extends the ball and closes Vicenza

19’pt- Giacomelli takes the bottom and tries to cross the left and closes Pereira, the second corner Vicenza

16’pt – Downtime phase of the match and I’m still playing now to relief an injury at Crecco, after a clash with Ciurria

11’pt- feet movement from Mota, the ball to Gytkjaer who is ahead on the spot. Meanwhile, a new Berry Curve banner: “Red, tradition is a beauty to be preserved, and the masses are ‘stakeholders’ to be respected,” referring to the controversy over the redesigned Vicenza shirt. Applause from Vicenza supporters

8’pt- Monza goal! Corner kick from Mazetelli, Samberisi swerves to the far post and is deposited into the net. Don’t get excited about being an ex

6’pt- Excitement by Di Gregorio! Cavion starts from thirty meters stone that sticks out quite a bit

5’pt- ‘True love makes the heart tremble’ reveals the bend. Then the chorus of “One of us, Galliani is one of us”, referring to the little illness the CEO accused after Cittadella’s success.

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4’pt- Monza again, with Mota entering the area and immediately unloading, but no one collects

3’pt – Monza’s extended business in the Vicenza region. So far it has been played almost exclusively in the visiting half

1’pt- We start Monza’s attacks in the direction of Perry

Teams enter the field. Half a thousand fans of Venice in the stadium

Silvio Berlusconi is also about to hit the field, in his fifth consecutive appearance in the matches at home in Monza.

Teams on the field to warm up, Watch the video

Half an hour until kick-off, Watch the video From U Power Stadium

Monza: Di Gregorio, Samberesi, Paleta, Calderola, Pedro Pereira, Ciorea, Mazetelli, Valoti, Molina, Motta Carvalho, Getquiar. Available: Lamana, Machin, Barberis, Mancuso, Petilla, Ciatones, Ramirez, Antove, Colpani, Pricianini, Di Alessandro, Vignato. Everyone: Stroppa
Vicenza: Grande, Maggio, Prosecco, Di Maio, Crico, Zonta, Bekele, Cavion, Polly, Dal Monte, Giacomelli. Available: Girardi, Convente, Pasini, Padilla, Proskagen, Da Cruz, Sandon, Gabriel, Sister, Alessio, Theodorchic. Everything: bruchi

A set time at the start of the match is 4.15pm and Monza also notes what is happening in the other stadiums. Waiting for tomorrow’s match Pisa Cremonese, Lecce Brescia plays: score 1-1 at the moment.

Vicenza’s bus arrives at U-Power at 14.55, while Monza players are already on the field watching the pitch.

A defense in case of emergency, as it has been known for at least a few days: without the arrested Carlos and Donati, without the wounded Maroni and Perola. On the eve of the match against Vicenza she talks about a defensive package that must be reviewed, again, but also about Monza who regained confidence that failed in the last moments in the last internal rounds with Pisa and Lecce and. Parma.

Today’s race hides more than one pitfall as well for this segment, as well as the gun’s thirst for rescue points. They arrived in Brianza after those who had suffered in this field the pains and joys of the house in red and white: Christian Bruschi. The former Monza boss has won two of his last three league games and is trying to lead his team to a complex salvation, which is becoming more and more realistic at this final stage of the season: only 48 per cent of the total think. Vicenza’s winning point came in the last seven matches. A noteworthy warning for Stroppa, who knows for his part that he owns the goalscorer scored by players who have taken charge this season, with a total of 16 players off the bench. Fewer options today for Brucchi, who instead has to give up the unqualified Miguernini and Diao, who were on duty. As a couple, the two have been champions of 45 percent of Veneto’s goals, including goals and assists, this season.

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