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Serie A Calcio – JCP’s third match in a row against Novese

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Twelfth Day Show – Primary Challenge

The third match in a row in the “Bianchi” for juniors, Calcio Pontestura. After confronting Castellazzo and Pastorfrigor Stay, the children of Mr Pellingerie They prepare to welcome Novese Calcio. It’s a very important matchup for the yellow-red-blue team, and one where capture points weigh like rocks in terms of redemption. The white and blue team from Novi Ligure is among the most prestigious in the entire promotion tournament. In 2022, the administration celebrates the anniversary of the scudetto, which it won 100 years ago. In the summer, a valuable “squad” was formed, capable of replicating and improving the 2021-22 placements. President’s children Arturo Frattoni They finished the regular season in third place with 56 points. The best defense in Group D with 16 negative goals. Girardengo’s Pirates player, Pastor Frigor Stey, surprisingly stopped on the playoff track thanks to an own goal in the fourth minute of overtime. So Novese resumed to be the protagonist also in 2022-23, but the start of the season was conditioned by injuries and unfortunate episodes that prevented the boys from training. Greek To hang out in the upscale neighborhoods of the league. Knocked out in the first round of the Coppa Italia by Arquatese, Novese was winless in their first seven matches and scored just 5 goals. And here came the turning point that the club wanted, which sacked Jericho and hired the coach Luca Lolaicho. Returning to Novi Ligure, where he coached until 2019, the year he was called up to Sampdoria’s youth team. The “shock” came at the right time. In 4 matches with Lolaiko off the bench, Nofisi won with Pozumaina and Asca, drew with San Giacomo Cherry and won last Sunday 3-0 against Pepe Viola Calcio. In the white-blue “team” there are many experienced players. The spearheads are the goalkeeper Canegaloo and center forward albedo (formerly Acqui and Derthona in the franchise). But there are very interesting young players who are doing well in promotion and in the Under-19 Championship (eg JCP). Of all we refer to Giacomo Penny, Born in 2002, has gone online three times. In addition to promotion and junior teams, Novese can count on regional under-16s and under-17s, regional under-14s and under-15s, and first and second year starters. FC Novi in ​​2017-18 was in the third division. The three years passed in promotion (2020-21) and last year it reached the play-offs. Precedents with JCP. The first (2020-21) in the Piedmont Cup (second stage). Under heavy and torrential rain, the hosts won 1-0 against Girardengo. In the same stadium named after the cycling champion, success in a friendly match (2021-22) of JCP: 4-2 with goals from Abrazda (Arch), Beltrame And the Vergnasco. JCP who was seen at the derby with Pastor, has what it takes to play him as an equal. Mind and heart must be accompanied by the support of the masses who, we are sure, will not fail. We’ll need to be patient, and take advantage of the chances that the hosts’ defense (the least unbeaten in the group) will provide during the 90 minutes.

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Novesi FootballCanegallo, Ravera, Rossi, Mizzano, Bonanno, Camossi, Payni, Clementini, Merlano, Ivaldi, Oberti F, Ermelendo, Pentabona, Toure, Oberti M, Olivieri, Peron, Corsaletti, Frattoni, Besio, Motta, Caneva, Vincis. All: if it weren’t for you.

Next round (2022-11-27): Asca AL-Pozzomaina; JCP-Calcio Novese; Pepe Viola Calcio-Gavez; Felizano Pastorfrigor Ovadese-Castellazzo. Paris Saint-Germain vs. Atlético Torino; San Giacomo Cherry Arquatisi; Trofarelo Valenzana Madu.

classification: Pastorfrigor 28, Ovadese 27, Valenzana Mado 24, Castellazzo, Gaviese, PSG 17, Atletico Torino 16, Trofarello 15, Novese 14, JCP 12, Felizzano, Asca AL, Arquatese 11, Pozzomaina 10, Beppe Viola Calcio 9, San Giacomo Chieri 5 .


2020-21 Piedmont Cup: Novese-JCP-1-0 (68 ‘Bosic’)

Friendly match 2021-22: ASD Calcio Novese-JCP-2-4 (34’Abrazdha pen., 49’Beltrame, 54’Abrazdha, 68’Frattoni, 87’Rossi, 90’Vergnasco)

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