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Sergio Leone, the Italian Who Invented America: A Documentary Trailer

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Watch the trailer for Sergio Leone, the Italian who invented Americathe documentary that was presented in competition in the Venezia Classici department in 79th Venice International Film FestivalWritten and directed by Francesco ZibelProduced by Sky Studios and Sky Italia with the Lyon Films group.

This documentary is a tribute to one of the great legends of world cinema, whose exceptional artistic vision transcended national borders, creating narrative and stylistic solutions that became part of the language of cinema. The feature film presents an unpublished portrait of a man of deep vision and culture, who has lived and breathed cinema since his birth and whose idea of ​​cinema is still alive today and influences the contemporary cinema world. This documentary tells Sergio Leone and his cinema through the unpublished testimonies of those who knew him and who inspired him.

Sergio Leone is associated with one of my oldest and fondest memories as a spectator. I was in elementary school and one day my dad put the cassette tape on his VCR The good, the bad and the ugly. It was a complete shock. On that day, cinema turned from being entertainment for children into a real passion for me. When Raffaella Leone asked me to tell me about her father in a documentary, I had the impression that everything was falling back into place. I set out with passion and respect on this adventure, with the constant support of Raffaella, by the entire Leon family, the Sky Italia team and Sky Studios. I wanted to try not only to tell Sergio Leone but also to illustrate just how much his cinematography and creative genius remain an essential and indisputable source of inspiration for the greatest filmmakers in contemporary cinema. All the great artists who joined the film are the best proof of that.

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Francesco Zibel

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