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Serena Rossi, the ordeal that “tarnished” her: Every movie’s fault | horrific story

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Serena Rossi is – without a doubt – one of the most famous Neapolitan actresses still working in trade in Italy. Much of her success is due – and it’s good to say so right away – to the role that Carmen Catalano played in the popular opera Rai 3. place in the sun Which she still holds in her heart today.

From that moment he went his way down the hill. After starring in two films such as season of loveAnd the And the I love you but not too muchThe actress has also played a role that has nothing to do with fiction and television. We remember – in fact – that 2014 was one of the competitors for This and what appears On Rai Uno, which is also a beat version. But in his past, in addition to success, there was also drama…every movie mistake!

Serena Rossi Solossin

Recently, there has been a comeback of being talked about in Gossip magazines. David DevenottoHer partner announced for several years that the marriage between them would not take place. the reason? What happened and was so dangerous within the couple that they changed their minds? Apparently lack of time For his organization and the fact that he feels too old to be married in 50 years.

Despite her completely sick life, the beautiful Neapolitan actress had a nasty shock about 20 years ago, when she was of age. Today she looks like a satisfied and happy woman, but in the past she had to face one of the most ferocious diseases. What are we talking about? Del Anorexia. In an old interview, the artist, really loved by Italians, spoke about his experience with the disease– because it is absolutely a disease, and therefore must be taken into account – which still afflicts many Italian and non-Italian girls. But also – to tell the truth – many males. He spoke about her during a recent interview with tenderness…

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She was a “fat” girl, she said

She was only 18 years old and her life only got worse after one particular episode that she will never forget. It was – more precisely – an audition, in which a little girl of her age heard some phrases that struck her deeply. Here is what he said about that difficult period: “Let us not hide behind a finger, Follow up on physical appearanceto me. Especially in a profession like mine. I always knew I wanted to be an actress. At the age of sixteen, I started with my first experiments and was very determined: I wanted to reach my goals…” And so began her story Serena, who immediately went on to say: “I was an ordinary girl and I wanted to emphasize who – that, circularDefinitely different from my friends, thinner and thinner than me. In addition, I was ready to gain weight quickly and was always lazy: at that age I did not like the idea of ​​having to do physical activity. ”

He felt guilty even though he only ate one apple

“Some directors didn’t like it. At the age of 18 I auditioned for a movie and they told me that to get the role, I should have lost weight. Determined to cover it up, I pledged slimming treatment Which, over time, has been proven to be harmful to me physical mental health“, A little later, Rossi, who wanted to go into more detail, revealed, “I can only eat high-protein, slightly seasoned foods, like grilled chicken breast or steamed lean fish.. I lost ten kilos, but I paid a heavy price: I always felt tired and weak. Not to mention the endocrine system imbalances like menstrual cycle changes and mood swings. I can no longer do anything, neither work nor study … “.

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A decidedly powerful story that quickly climaxed with the following statement: “The relationship with food was frustrating because of I felt so guilty that I ate an apple. I was undoubtedly thinner but not healthy at all.”

Serena Rossi and her drama
Serena Rossi Solossin

But how did you get out? It revealed the same thing: Thanks to my father’s helpI realized that it was not the right diet to lose weight and that it was not the right way to do it. I wanted to love youbut first of all to love me and so that wasn’t good….” Now, how much time has passed since then and she’s fine, how do you see?

“Now I am a woman satisfied with my life and work, I realize that I will not be like another woman, but above all I do not want to be like that. Work, as my driving force, will never be able to put my health in crisis again”, later revealed to the immense delight of his fans.

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