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Serena Bortoni, In These Hours They Make A Sad Announcement: She Didn’t Make It

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Serena Burton –

Serena Burton carries on the show with tight lips; However, Rai has already signed the contract with a new conductor.

In recent weeks, the rumors have been deafening: Will Serena Burton leave her show? deny. The program’s iconic character “Today is another day”on which it is broadcast opinion 1 Early in the afternoon, he did not intend to give up the shot; But the horizon has arrived new threat, A character who could seriously give the historical presenter a hard time.

To understand what we are talking about, let’s go back in time. There were many rumors that hinted at a possible management replacement “Today is another day” On Rai 1, there was only talk of crap without any concrete evidence, apart from small details: The sharp drop in viewership and shares occurred this month.

The latest data dates back to Tuesday, March 28, 2023, when the program had a total of 1,575,000 viewers, or 16% (active audience). This data, compared to a program Maria Devilipi In the same time period, it’s somewhat underwhelming. men and women, On the same date, it had a total viewership of 2,692,000 with an impressive share of 27.6%. However, this is the best result these days for “Today is another day.”.

Rai certainly cannot ignore this situationWhich is why rumors are so loud these days.

Will Serena Burton leave the show?

These days due to the insistence of the media, Setrena decides to answerSaying it is “Ray’s employee and I think I’m going to die — television, of course — in public service.” The anchor is firmly convinced that Rai will never replace her, because she represents a kind of pillar of the program, but rather a journalist from today I managed reviving doubt, Pointing out details that elude many.

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In the article, it was reported that the host and journalist Tiberio Timperiwill start a new opinion contract.“…he’ll actually be one of the afternoon champs on the mainnet starting in September. His new assignment is now certain. But who’s going to pay for his unstoppable rise? Maybe,” reports from.

Tiberio Temperi and Serena Bortone -
Tiberio Temperi and Serena Bortone –

In these words there is a veil of mystery. Timperi can really represent to threaten For Serena already installed? “And why would they? I have always been a company trooper. I never regretted it, but Rai never regretted what he had entrusted to me either.” Bortone a I read.

For now, these are all hypotheses, however, what is certain is that Tempere will lead from Junius a summer morning, With Serena Oteri, in the morning shift.

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