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Self-service petrol, gas station stunt to get all the money from you: be careful

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Cases abound in gas station workers who come up with tricks to try to defraud consumers. Here’s what you need to know and what to check before you dispense fuel!

Trick Self-Service Distributors Do for You –

The increase in petrol and diesel prices has left many Italians unhappy in recent months. Fortunately, there has been a drop in fuel cost per liter in recent weeks. It’s always very high, but – both in terms of self-catering and service – well below the levels reached a few months ago!

A breath of fresh air that we hope will last as long as possible. The excellent news that came out in the last few hours is related to the extension of the reduction in excise duties until next September 20th. Another good news for motorists in our country. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous employees at a gas station who – despite the seriousness of the situation and the increase in fuel prices compared to the periods before the outbreak of the war – try to deceive consumers.

In fact, in recent weeks The number of cases of gas station workers trying to devise tricks to earn illegal money at the expense of customers has doubled. What’s going on? What are the tricks that make gas station owners themselves the heroes of these tricks? Here is where the last case happened! What should be checked before refueling?

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Self-Service Gasoline: Here’s the trick put together by a gas station!

In the past few hours, there has been the latest case of fraud carried out at a self-service pump in Modena by an unscrupulous gas station worker. In fact, many users realized this before they set out to save fuel for their car On the screen, the numbers weren’t reset, but it actually started from a 60-cent cost!

Gas station scam to defraud self-service car drivers – Motori.News

Many consumers reported the anomaly to local police, Thinking it was a potential oversight or technical issue. Instead, it was found that The device was tampered with with the aim of “scamming” distracted consumers. The petrol pump was stopped at the time and the owner was fined 500 euros.

The activity of this gas station will be resumed only after the entire administrative process has been closed and all pumps have been thoroughly checked! In addition to, It is confirmed that the fraud was carried out only in connection with the self-service refueling service.

Our advice – before proceeding with the fuel delivery – is to always check that the supply is completely regulated. That is, there are no extra money to pay and the price of fuel corresponds to the price indicated at the entrance to the distributor! This applies to both self-service and service mode!

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