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Self-driving Tesla and the Gigafactory in Canada: Musk’s plan

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Elon Musk has the intention of having Self-driving Tesla models The new generation of cars is expected to be ready by the end of the year, with legal approvals in place for widespread distribution in the US and Europe. Speaking at an energy conference in Norway, the president said his focus is now on The development of the SpaceX spacecraft and precisely the Tesla self-driving electric carsWhat to support A new Gigafactory will be built in Canada.

Balance between renewable sources and hydrocarbons

Despite the commitment to the electric mobility front, Musk said in the next few years The world must continue to extract more hydrocarbonsWhile developing sustainable energy sources. “Realistically, in the short term I think we have to use oil and gas, otherwise civilization will collapse,” the businessman told reporters on the sidelines of the conference. Asked if Norway should continue to look for new fields, Musk replied: “I think there’s a need for some more exploration at this point. One of the greatest challenges the world has ever faced Transition to an energy and sustainable economy”, a process that takes “a few decades” to complete. However, for the musk Wind power generation in the North SeaCombined with stationary accumulators, it can become an important energy source, “strong and stable in winter”.

Automotive Industry: Here is the current trend and its evolution in short term

Administration / Finance / Controlling

On Twitter, Musk’s attorneys asked Peter Zatko to appear

However, the presence of musk is largely occupied Since the dispute with Twitter. Musk formally asked, as part of the cross-examination of the platform Appearance by Peter Zatko, former Twitter head of security. Attorneys for Tesla’s patron served Jatko with a warrant, which he filed in recent days. 84 page document In it he accused Twitter of ignoring the issue of bots and fake accounts, a premise on which Musk no longer wants to continue The company is a $44 billion acquisition.

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But venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, Oracle chairman Larry Ellison and investors David Sachs and Joe Lonsdale have also been served with subpoenas. To a request sent to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. Tell them The New York Times, they are requested to share information about the case. Everyone knows the showdown in a Delaware court called to decide whether or not Musk should buy Twitter. Lawyers for Musk and his smiling company have so far issued hundreds of subpoenas, subpoenaing banks, high-profile investors, consultants and members of Musk’s entourage.

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