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Elon Musk negotiated with Stephen King over the cost of the ‘blue check’ on Twitter

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Elon Musk, Entrepreneur Who Has Worked Lately Buyer Twitter had a brief exchange on Twitter with writer Stephen King, in which he talked about the possibility of paying users to get the so-called “blue check”, the system that Twitter uses until now to verify the identity of the audience. People like politicians, companies, journalists, people from the entertainment world, etc.

On Monday, King had commented on the rumors (unofficial for now) that Twitter could have charged for the blue tag in a colorful way: “$20 a month to keep my blue tag? Damn, they’re the ones who should be paying me.” If they set up this thing, I’ll leave like Enron,” referring to the American oil company that suddenly collapsed in 2001. At that point, Musk responded with bargaining: “We have to pay the bills somehow! Twitter can’t rely on ads alone. How about $8 ?

This brief exchange — conducted in the style of Musk who used to respond directly to criticism and suggestions of celebrities and non-celebrities who turn to him on Twitter — is the clearest confirmation yet that Musk intends to start pushing. Identity confirmation service system, which can cost up to $20 per month, According to press rumors. He said earlier that “the entire verification system is being revamped.”

He also responded – again on Twitter – to a survey by a close colleague that asked users how much they were willing to pay for the blue check. The vast majority replied that they would not pay anything.

It is currently possible to get the blue check for free, but it is necessary to go through the (fairly fast) ID verification system that requires submission of documents and proof that the applicant has the necessary requirements. Categories Who can currently order the blue check They are: government and public offices; newspapers and media workers; companies, brands and organizations; show; sports and video games; Activists and organizers. Content creator and influencer.

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Musk’s plans at the moment are neither public nor confirmed, but according to press rumors, they expect the verification process to extend to more categories, for which payment will then be made.

This will probably help Twitter accounts, but it will be created according to experts Many fake accounts and spam problems. Unlike other social networks (such as Facebook) on Twitter, it is possible to log in with fake identities, and the blue check was created specifically to distinguish public people (or those with an audience-appropriate role, such as journalists) from anyone. Crooks.

But if the blue tick is pushed, then some of the currently verified people may not be validated (because they decided not to pay), and this can lead to confusion and problems with the reliability of the information circulating on the social network.

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