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Secret Invasion, the plausible theory could upset everything we know about Nick Fury’s past

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Secret invasion Nick Fury has returned to the epicenter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in the past few hours, one has made its way onto the network Amazing theory A fan who can rave about everything we thought we knew about the character.

with an entry skulls In the MCU, the shapeshifting aliens have been introduced in Captain MarvelWe learned that almost any character can be a Skrull in disguise. Having said this assumption, we are reminded that Fury himself was one of the most valuable allies of the Skrulls, at least as far as the clan Talos leads is concerned.

The trust between the two became particularly evident in Spider-Man: Far From Home, where we eventually learn that the Nick Fury seen in the movie is none other than Talos who was sent by Fury himself to take his place. It is also stated in the movie that Fury has been in orbit on a Skrull ship for a year, but in reality it could be a time lapse much longer. But let’s take a step back.

in Captain MarvelIn 1995, we see Carol Danvers asking Fury for proof of his identity and Fury responds by revealing a detail.So weird that even a Skrull couldn’t figure it outAnger seems to have a bit of a fixation with i toast: If it’s cut into diagonal slices, he can’t eat it.

We don’t know if it was an impromptu choice of screenwriters, however, this leads to a clear discrepancy with the details that appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In fact, here we see Fury preparing a sandwich during an encounter with Tony Stark. However, this sandwich is clearly cut into hexagonal slices, a detail that has not escaped even the most attentive fan.

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According to what has been learned in Captain Marvelwhich was seen in Age of Ultron So maybe it wasn’t the real anger. Conscious choice or supervision of the screenwriters? Who knows what developments Secret invasion He couldn’t help but shed light on this matter.

Directed by the director duo consisting of Thomas Pezucha And Ali SalimThe script of the series has been dealt with Kyle Bradstreetpreviously known for work done with him Mr. Robot. Bradstreet will also executive produce alongside the ever-present Kevin Feige.

In addition to the return Samuel L. Jackson Based on Ben Mendelsohn In the roles of both Nick Fury and Talos, the ensemble cast will be present Kingsley Ben-Adir Like the avowed villain Gravik, Olivia Colman As MI6 agent Sonia Falsworth, Emilia Clarke Like Geah, the eldest daughter of Talos, Dermot MulronAnd Killian ScottAnd Christopher McDonald And Carmen Ejogo. One of the faces known to fans of the MCU will return instead Cobie SmuldersAnd Don Cheadle And Martin Freeman In the respective roles are Maria Hill, Everett K. Ross, and James “Rhodey” Rhodes.

Secret invasion Currently available on Disney +.

What do you think of this suggestive theory? Let us know in the comments!

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