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Second meeting “In Moncalieri every green space is precious”

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The green of Moncalieri between perception and use

The following considerations for the second meeting of the session “In Moncalieri every green space is precious”

The second appointment of the meeting cycle “In Moncalieri every green space is precious”, which took place on March 14th in the Arduino Library, and was attended by Laura Pompeo, Moncalieri City Councilor for Culture, and the architect Marco Macagno responsible for drafting the final project for Castle Park, Otto Bugnano and Sarah Marder From the Matrice Foundation.

The citizens in attendance demonstrated a good knowledge of Le Vallere Park, and analyzed it in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. They also expressed their curiosity about the historical park and the desire not only to finally have access to it, but also for it to undergo regular maintenance, as well as animal preservation in the present day.

Architect Maccagno summed up the following phases of the project: the final project, taking into account the observations regarding architectural, landscape and forestry limitations, will be followed by the executive project and then the start of the construction site works, with the possibility of opening the park to the public del Castello within 18 months to finally recreate the green area of ​​the historic center to general use.

In response to the issue of park maintenance (an observation that could be extended to the Moncalieri green space system), Otto Bugnano cited a couple of good practices for involving volunteers as an example. Landmarks are the Royal Palace Gardens of the Netherlands (8 hired gardeners, 24 volunteers) and the community-run Trieste Rose Garden. Determining that decisions will be made by the municipality, for Moncalieri, the hypothesis of a theoretical-practical school on the theme of green spaces will also be evaluated on the type of Banca del Fare that works in Castelletto Uzzone on the theme of rural architecture.

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As Vice Chair of the Po Park Authority, Assessor Pompeo recalled the anniversary of the recognition of the Po Hill Biosphere Reserve to the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program (March 19, 2016) and gave some answers to the public regarding the terms of reference of the various entities involved in Vallere Park, from the Piedmont Region to the Pro Loco, and from the Municipality Moncalieri to cultural associations, etc.

The animation activity, conducted by Sarah Marder, will be replicated with the aim of following the sharing and comparison process to integrate the degree of knowledge and use of the citizens of the Moncalieri green system.

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