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Searching for caves of Mars, scientists have identified at least 9 caves suitable for hosting humans (in the future)

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He sought the caves of Mars. A team of researchers from American Geological Society (GSA) Locate Nine of what are believed to be the most livable caves on the surface Marswhile areas large enough to accommodate future space explorers are being sought The New York Times. The red planet is a hostile place: temperatures can drop below 148 degrees FahrenheitWhile the atmosphere is thin and there is no ozone layer. In fact, Mars does not have a layer of defense against solar radiation, as well as being a planet with a high risk of exposure to meteorites. As a result, scientists are looking for caves, or at least parts of the Earth’s interior that would allow people to survive on this planet. Researchers, starting with Candidate Catalog for Global Mars Cavea group of more 1000 caves It was determined by NASA’s space probes, Mars Odyssey And the Mars reconnaissance vehicleThey first identified a hypothetical landing zone on Mars and, within a radius of 100 km, identified the most suitable “caves” to host humans. By doing this, scientists have reduced the number of suitable caves for it 139, making sure that these also extend underground. Thus, the scholars determined 9 caves The most important of them is that it can host space tourists in the future. The largest is the size of a football field. However, at present, it is not certain that these caves can be used by humans, because the roving vehicles in NASA The ones on the Red Planet, at the moment, are too far away to detect their morphological features and are suitable for hosting humans, and so we’ll have to wait for their examination.

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Cover photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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