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Time travel has always been a dream of many and soon we will be able to do it directly using our smartphone.

How many times have we dreamed of time travel? Maybe we end up in the past reliving moments from our lives or experiencing times we only read about in history books; Or travel into the future to understand what will happen in thousands of years and how our world will end. We may never know, but really soon we will time travel (in some sense).

The WhatsApp, as well as all the applications of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Group, are preparing for some big news in the near future, and one of these news will be related to time travel that we all only dreamed about in works of fiction. The first signs are there and we’ll finally be able to travel through time thanks to our smartphone!

Time travel: this is how it will be possible with WhatsApp

The arrival of paid WhatsApp has probably made all users turn up their noses, no one wants to spend even a penny on an application that we have been using for more than 10 years in Italy and that has become an integral part of our lives. What if I told you that with New WhatsApp updates You can travel in time, would you be willing to pay a small amount to do so?

Science fiction aside, the concept of time travel will really be an integral part of the new WhatsApp update: according to the latest rumors and also from what has emerged from the first tests on iOS devices,Search by dateFrom messages, photos and videos. A function that is already present in other messaging applications such as Telegram, but will soon arrive in the green application.

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What is “search by date”?

As can be seen from the screenshots we have below, taken during a test on the iPhone, we can see that a new icon will be presented when you want to search for a message in chats, or rather in the calendar. So this option will allow you to select only messages sent on a specific date: day, month and year.

This is definitely one of the most interesting news since now we will not have to scroll for hours and hours looking for that particular exchange on that particular date. In a few days, we will finally be able to travel through time using WhatsApp!

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