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Always carry the charger with you. FBI alert at public charging stations: What is the ‘juice theft’ risk

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Very comfortable and convenient. So much to hide the danger to those who use it? In the United States, public charging stations for smartphones and other devices are increasingly being alerted. According to the FBI, i cyber criminals In fact, they have now learned to take advantage of it for an injury device “Naively” left in public charging points with malware, that is, programs that hackers then know how to use to enter mobile phones, tablets, or computers, storing sensitive data. Avoid using free charging stations Airports, hotels and shopping mallsOne FBI account, the Denver regional office, has been explicitly warning in recent days, outlining the danger of hackers and recommending that one always carry a charger with them. Pointers are also offered on the FBI’s national website similaras reported by American Broadcasting Corporation CNBC. The process in which those who do not take the recommendation of the US security services risk becoming a victim has a specific name: it is called Withdraw the juice It consists of installation malicious codes By hackers at public charging stations to read and steal data from mobile devices and track them. According to the specialized site digital matrixyice pull It can be used to target Android devices more easily than iPhones or iPads, but no device is truly safe from these risks.

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