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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off The war against the League of Wicked Exes begins in the trailer for the animated series

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here we go again! Scott Pilgrima popular character from the Canadian comedy series written and drawn by Brian Lee O’Malleythe protagonist of a film released 13 years ago that has become a small cult, is about to embark A new long battle against evil former friends From the girl of his dreams, Ramona.

New animated series coming to Netflix, Scott Pilgrim takes offStep by step, you will follow the story of a boy with a passion for video games who finds himself embroiled in an epic and absurd battle to win the heart of a girl who still dreams. When he finally manages to meet her, he discovers that to date he must first defeat her previous suitors.

One stronger than the other, the former experts have united in a special league and are willing to do anything to prevent Scott Pilgrim from achieving his goal. As fans of the comic series and film know, the challenges become progressively more difficult for the boy, swept up in a world that constantly overlooks popular culture above all others. To the world of video games.

The official trailer for Scott Pilgrim takes off

As expected in the last teaser and now also in this new film, this time too there will be no shortage of super action and a series of strange characters. What makes this animated series especially nostalgic is also the reality of the original film’s cast Edgar Wright (He returns here as executive producer) to provide voices for the same characters.

Scott Pilgrim will be voiced once again Michael Cerawhile Mary Elizabeth Winstead Ramona Flowers sounds. Along with the protagonist couple, Here We Go Again Kieran Culkin, Chris Evans, Brie Larson, Jason Schwartzman, Aubrey Plaza And Anna Kendrick Such as Wallace Wells, Lucas Lee, Envy Adams, Gideon Graves, Julie Powers, and the protagonist’s younger sister, Stacy.

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Release date on Netflix Scott Pilgrim takes off It has been fixed for November 17, 2023.

picture: Netflix

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