December 1, 2023

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Scott is born again, wanted by a Canadian fugitive from 2020

Scott is born again, wanted by a Canadian fugitive from 2020

far away Over three years From the big note Operation Scott Reborn (here)was announced today at the airport FiumicinoBy the Carabinieri Investigative Committee of Vipo Valentia, with the Border Police Office of Rome, Security order Published against An object than during the blitz He escaped capture Being A resident of Canada.

The man was declared a fugitive In February 2020and was situated August same yearThanks to the investigations conducted by the Vibonese army in coordination with the prosecutor’s office Catanzaro DistrictLed by counsel Nicola Gratari, as well as by channel Cooperation International Police I-CAN unit‘Interpol Cooperation Against the Entrangetta.

At the end of a text Administrative process provided Canadian law It was then Expelled by the American stateAnd today Handed over to Italian authorities by the authorities CBSACanadian Border Service Agency.

An arrested person is considered organic The ‘Ndrangheta Club in Sant’Onofrio And he competesAssociation Mafia, TheFake title goods, as well as a robbery 220 thousand euros Seller with Use of weapons and competing with others to one’s detriment Bank branch In the province of Vibo Valentia.

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