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Finished in under 9 minutes by Speedrunner, video –

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elden ring Still the subject of challenges for sound register by many speed runners, with the new low recently set by Streamer Distortion2 incredibly Completed in less than 9 minutesReally, that’s an amazing achievement.

This is the first time the 10-minute wall has been knocked down, considering the previous record was still here for 12 minutes to complete the game, but distortion 2 I raised the level to a level that would be difficult for others to reach, at least for the time being.

It is clear that such a time cannot be achieved without resorting to it flaw In fact, also in this case, a new vulnerability was exploited that allows the player to teleport from one part of the map to the other. This is all part of the general rules set for quick contests, as other people take advantage of these systems as well, as long as they are part of the game code and do not require modifying parameters or using mods.

The exact end time for Distortion2 is 8 minutes 56 secondsthus dropping just over a minute below the 10-minute barrier, the time sprinters G1nnz and Mitchriz previously reached.

There is still room for improvement, given that one of the obstacles currently is the need to defeat Malekith among the bosses: if a system is found to overcome this without having to face combat, it will open the doors to lower completion times.

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