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Italian Hockey Cup, Mastini Varese looking for company in Trentino

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the Italian Cup It’s always an illusion Escape from ice hockey in Varese: When the Gialonieri were at the national top, the cup was not played (the only exception was 1991, Asiago’s win), due to a disagreement between the Serie B/IHL teams, Mastini did not make much progress with the lone team. 2020 exception.

Two years ago, in what it was One of the last dates before the arrival of the Corona virusPresident Torchio’s team has arrived at Close to the cup, lost 6-5 at Merano Against the homeowners after a 4-0 loss. right Now The calendar re-proposes the competition With the quarter-finals in a consecutive match followed by The Final Four will play at Igna on January 22 and 23: At the start of the first eight of the regular season with Vanity & Co. they entered as last ranked (outside Bressanone and Appiano).

That’s why I Mastini will immediately find one of his favorite players, Valdifiemme, to face on the ice of Cavalis: the appointment is for Tuesday 18 starts at 8:30 p.m. (Referees Egger and Ricco) And the task of the Gialonieri is difficult. After winning the first stage, I Trentino also leads the main tour With 18 points to Caldaro’s 17, he just surpassed it in extra time 3-2 with a decisive goal by Gizzo and previous goals by Chilodi and Odorese. Technician Costner will also have the latest signings available, Mocha and Cataldi.

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The Malvati team, meanwhile, awaiting the arrival of the two new Canadian teams announced by McGrath and Capanelli in town, will not hold back, net of a team that won’t necessarily be long. never Gialloneri is not used to giving up Over the odds, they will undoubtedly try to make their mark. On the other hand, Varese held the evening of Santo Stefano in Cavalese For a long time the score was in equilibrium with the people of Fiemme, except for giving up only in the last bars (5-2 final), conceding two goals in the last minute. Those situations that require an abrupt change in the story of the match.

Italian Cup – Quarter-finals
Valdifiemme (1) – VARESE (8); Caldaro (second) – Dobbiaco (seventh); Unterland (third) – Como (6); Elijah (4th) – Towers (5th)

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