March 25, 2023

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Football, Savona. The Lazio Federation has arrived today, the main day for the company’s transfer –

The term has been used too many times (too many) in recent years “It’s the longest day” about fate Football Savona.

This testifies to his chronic difficulties Banners Between the collapse of companies and performance in the field often below expectations.

Today, however, there will be an important transition with the arrival of the representatives of the Lazio Federation, led by the lawyer Maximum citizen In the city of the tower.

There are two main steps: meeting with the current senior management to take over the club and with the former president Simon MarinelliBrand owner Savona FBC.

However, if the first two passes are successful, the stadium check will not be disqualified either BASIGALUBU.

The final step, in the perfect roadmap, is set for tomorrow morning inNH Hotel in Darsenawith the press conference for the presentation of the city and the press.

The step-by-step path is not entirely clear, but one thing is certain: the time margins are especially narrow, by tomorrow we will understand (without any doubt on the board) the fate of the old dolphin.

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