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Science says that these two ingredients combined in cooking can be high in blood sugar

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Among the diseases most common in the population is certainly diabetes, a chronic disease characterized by increased blood glucose, or hyperglycemia. The main forms of this disease are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. In its early stages, this disease does not cause symptoms. These actually appear when they have been around for quite some time.

Causes of diabetes include genetic factors, such as familiarity, and environmental factors, such as a sedentary lifestyle, and incorrect eating habits. Therefore, an active lifestyle and a healthy and balanced diet are sure to be measures to prevent the onset of diabetes. In fact, science says that these two ingredients combined in cooking can be high in blood sugar. In particular, it is about assembling two traditional foods of amazing quality, beans with rice. So this seems to be a winning combination for those with high blood sugar.

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He. She studio Glycemic response values ​​to rice and bean meal compared to rice alone in adults with type 2 diabetes.

17 men and women aged 35-70 years with type 2 diabetes participated, 14 of whom were controlled with metformin and 3 with diet and exercise. The control meal consisted of only long-grain white rice, pinto beans/rice, black beans/rice and red beans/rice meal for breakfast. Especially after a 12-hour fast. All meals consumed were marked with a carbohydrate content of 50 grams.

Then blood glucose was measured at baseline and at intervals of 30 minutes until 180 minutes after the meal. The analysis revealed differences in glucose between treatments. In particular, only the differences between bean types and rice types have been identified. In fact, the results showed that postprandial glycemic values ​​were significantly lower in the three bean/rice treatments, compared to rice consumption alone.

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Science says that these two ingredients combined in cooking can be high in blood sugar

Therefore, although diabetes can result from genetic factors, eating healthy food and exercising can reduce the risk of its appearance. Diseases like diabetes, or even high cholesterol or triglycerides put a strain on our health, and cause serious consequences. For example, the consequences of such high values ​​can sometimes be a heart attack or stroke.

A healthy, balanced diet, rich in fiber with an active lifestyle, can contrast and reduce values ​​such as blood sugar and high cholesterol.

In fact, according to researchers, it appears that consuming traditional foods, such as beans with rice, may provide non-pharmacological management of type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, in addition to periodic monitoring of the state of health of the individual, by means of tests and examinations, it will be optimal against blood sugar, to supplement the diet with these tasty legumes. Especially with the first course of rice and beans.


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