Home science Go into space for less with LEGO from John Lewis' offers on space-themed sets

Go into space for less with LEGO from John Lewis' offers on space-themed sets

Go into space for less with LEGO from John Lewis' offers on space-themed sets

Different models of Puzzle Games The collection's new multi-themed space collection is on sale now at John Lewis Ready for intergalactic experiences.

from Lego city, brick city to Lego friendsThere are some savings centered around the space that can be registered John Lewis Now with a 20% discount on dozens of 2024 models that were just released in January. There are other space sets for sale from back, perfect for any space display or cosmic set you are thinking of or have already made.

Here are some of the best Puzzle Games Space saving set John Lewis'Sales are ongoing and you can find out more about the offers by clicking here.

60343 Space base and missile launch pad

60434 Space base and missile launch pad It is larger than the new one Lego city, brick city The space sets have everything you need to explore alien worlds and communicate with other LEGO City space sets. It is also home to some unique tourist attractions Puzzle Games minifigures can specifically contact another arriving person Lego city, brick city Dedicated space to expand the base. It is now available on John Lewis For a discounted £99.99.

Puzzle GamesPuzzle Games

60433 Modular space stations

60433 Modular space stations It is a new interpretation of LEGO Space Stations that offers multiple modules using a new airlock element to customize other new modules Puzzle Games Spatial Collections It is now on sale at John Lewis For £71.99.

42605 Space base and rocket on Mars

42605 Space base and rocket on Mars Offers a different kind of Puzzle Games A spatial experience, embracing one of the originals Lego friends In his new role as astronaut. Comes complete with a unique space base and rocket combo Lego friendsUsual color scheme with domed designs. John Lewis Reduced its price to £63.99.

60430 interstellar spaceship

Available now for £14.39 John Lewis, 60430 interstellar spaceship It's smaller Lego city, brick city A space with a particularly notable feature linked to the history of the new theme range.

60429 Discovery of a spaceship and an asteroid

60429 Space and asteroid exploration It also costs £14.39 each John Lewis On sale and offers a similar experience to 60430 interstellar spaceship But it targets young people Lego city, brick city Passionate. Expands the spaceship concept with a mini-space base, aliens, and more.

31134 Space Shuttle

2023 by 31134 Space Shuttle It's now £7.19 or 20% off the regular price John Lewis Mashed potatoes. this lego creator The set can be rebuilt into an astronaut or a different type of spaceship.

60428 Space construction mechanism

A rare one Lego city, brick city mechanical, 60428 Space construction mechanismis now on sale at John Lewis Even with a 20% discount, it offers a simple and economical way to buy a new one Puzzle Games minifigure addon and start new Lego city, brick city Spatial groups

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