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Science reveals tricks to control aging

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As you age, science takes care of it: the best tricks to control aging

  • Biologist Elizabeth Blackburn discovered that aging is primarily caused by chromosomes
  • At their ends are telomeres: over time, they deteriorate until they separate completely
  • Good news: There are some tricks you can apply to control aging
  • But the not-so-great news is that it's not easy to make
  • what is he talking about? A little stress, a lot of love and a lot of money

There is no point in denying it: the sight of the first wrinkles – even if only expressive ones – and the first white hair brings everyone into complete despair. Years pass, and there is nothing to be done. However, biologist Elizabeth Blackburn discovered some of them Tricks To succeed Checks The bestaging. The world has discovered that we age mainly because of our chromosomes.

In particular, telomeres play an essential role in this unpleasant process. These are the ends of our DNA strands. It also deteriorates and shortens over time, until it disappears completely. Blackburn explained:It is the excessive shortening of telomeres that makes us recognize and see signs of aging. This is a signal: “It's time to die.”“”. In short, a sad but inevitable conclusion, which, however, is more manageable than we think.

Watch out for telomeres

Aging can be controlled with tricks that allow us to monitor the state of our telomeres, and adjust ourselves accordingly. The latter, in fact, is able to protect our chromosomes, making them longer-lived. What specific tips should you put into practice? The first is Banishment to stress. In fact, stress and excitement cause telomeres to shorten.

Emotional neglect, exposure to violence, bullying, and racism all affect your telomeres and the effects are long-lasting“. Among the tricks to better control aging, there is the trick to allocate time for meditation. In fact, studies have shown that it is enough to devote yourself to this activity for 10 minutes a day to see the beneficial effects on your telomeres, and more.

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Finally, of fundamental importance are our personal relationships and, surprisingly, high income. In fact, Blackburn discovered that big money, as well as long-lasting friendships and loves, is a reality General medicine For our telomeres. In short, there are many ingredients for a long and peaceful life. And you, after reading this article, how quickly do you age?


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