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«Exhibition of Spazio Vitale Artists Exhibition»: folder and gallery of 140 artists

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the noonJuly 18, 2022 – 5:10 pm

Aversa, the gallery is open all summer. Professor Juvenal: “Free and Collective Art”

From California. You are.

Contemporary art as collective art, Free from commercial restrictions that humiliate her sometimes. A large exhibition of 140 artists (some of them also foreign) is in progress at Spazio Vitale in Aversa, In the monolithic building (Piazza Marconi, 12). It can be visited all summer long (contacts at The gallery includes small-scale works, intentionally, by both newcomers and well-known artists. The exhibition is also an opportunity to display the new volume “Exhibition of Spazio Vitali Artists – Gallery”. Curated by the critic Michelangelo Juvenal (Gutenberg-Salerno editions). Much more than a catalog of contemporary art, it actually contains Explanatory notes on artistsand their journey through the main exhibitions and three photographs of their work.

“The experience of Spazio Vitali can be said to be an ‘anomaly’ in the contemporary art system – he says Michelangelo Giovinale – Because it is outside any logic of the market and the economy that drives galleries and artists. Spazio Vitale is a non-profit association for artists. Every event (and many events have been) ‘self-financed, even this first edition of the volume’ – the president is keen to stress Francesco Giraldi We desperately wanted you to leave a footprint for a rediscovered artistic community. Thus, the priority between the profile pages of artists with unified experience and new generations of art, in our time when it is difficult to “break” the glass bell, the self-referentiality of the art world ».

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A poetic work, which has been carried out in the field for years Vittorio Vanacure, the building of networks of relationships and exchanges in the artistic system and the merit of ability, summarized in the introductory article by Juvenal, who was able to maintain balance in an editorial container such broad generational differences of artists, called to tell everyone, albeit in a nutshell, their history in contemporary art. The volume cover with a portrait of Franco Sortini, detailing an eighteenth-century fountain, is now a recognizable icon of the exhibition.

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July 18, 2022 | 17:10

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