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ATM, Historic Day: Milan Tram 1928

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A historic day in its own way for Milan and ATM. After passing through the city for almost a centuryThe Karelian tram made one of its most important trips today. This famous tram, which represents Milan and Italy in the world, has entered collections National Museum of Science and Technology.

ATM, Milan Tram 1928

Milan 1928 began its journey this morning, departing from the public exchange shop in Via Teodosio and arriving at its new home in Via San Vittore, where it was welcomed as an integral part of the museum's collections. This is an exceptional means of transportation for tram car number 1565Which crossed the streets of central Milan today.

ATM at the National Museum of Science and Technology

Starting January 25, visitors will have the opportunity to admire this historic tram in the museum's railway pavilion, along with other symbols of urban and intercity transport, Such as the horse-drawn Omnibus and Gamba de Legn. This project represents an important step forward in the cooperation between ATM and the National Museum of Science and Technology.

ATM, History of Trams

Loved by Milanese and admired by tourists, the Carelli Tram combines the charm of history with the power of modern technology and has been an essential element of Milan's transportation since 1928. The city still has 125 trolleybuses in service on lines 1, 5, 10, 19 and 33.This is after being subjected to examination by money exchange technicians and carpenters.

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In addition to local services, these iconic trams are found all over the world, operating in San Francisco, California and also being displayed at the Melbourne Museum in Australia. Recently, a Karelian tram was transformed into a work of art made up of more than 2,000 Lego pieces and was displayed at the company's headquarters in Billund, Denmark.

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