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Calabria, the “Sila Scienza” event starts in Cutrone

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“Today an alliance between science and local society has begun, to study, know and promote the region according to the One Health approach and model, based on the inextricable relationship between human health, animal health and “ecosystem” health,” commented Professor Domenica Tarusio – President of the COS Center for Studies, and former Director of the Center. The National Institute of Rare Diseases of the Higher Institute of Health and recently honorary citizenship of the city of Cutrone (Kr), where it originally belongs – on the launch of the first edition of the cultural event “Sila Scienza”, organized by the Municipality of Cutrone and the Kos Center for Studies, sponsored by the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) and the Regional Council. For Calabria, starting on the morning of April 27 in the Council Hall of the same municipality, with a rich program of scientific reports preceded by the greetings of the authorities: Mayor Antonio Amirati, President of the LSS Rocco Bellantoni, President of the City Council Antonella Borza, Parish Priest Don Francescantonio Spadola and Scientist Amalia Bruni; Regional Councilor of Calabria; Prefecture Councilor Rafael Garrieri; President of Uncem Calabria, Vincenzo Mazzi; President of Gal Sella, Antonio Candalis and Domenico Cerminara of the Sella National Park.

Mayor Amirati stressed the relationship between the privacy of the region, health and well-being. Professor Alberto Mantovani, world-renowned toxicologist and Vice-President of the Center for Cos Studies, foresees among other things monitoring and research activities in the municipal area of ​​Cutrone, “with the aim – Ammirati explained – of valuing and enhancing its resources, from the clean air of Europe to good water, and from the natural landscape to Biodiversity, to sustainable and non-intensive agriculture.

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Followed by a large and interested audience, the first day of “Sila Scienza” was devoted to an in-depth analysis of the relationship between ecosystem, biodiversity, health and well-being in the Sila region, a topic explored in different aspects and by leading scientists; In addition to pointing out the benefits to the human body of Sella medicinal plants, the region’s extra virgin olive oil, and shrub products. On Sunday, April 28, the scientific event will continue in the nearby town of Trebido, at the Hotel del Lago, with in-depth sessions on ecology, biodiversity and agri-food chains and a guided trip in the Sila National Park, organized by the “Il jar” group and official guide Giovanni Vizza, to note. Scientific knowledge for the participants.

“Next fall – explained the mayor of Amirati – there will be the second part of the “Sila Scienza” on different issues. This scientific event, in which we very much aim to raise the value of the cultural offer and the growth of tourism, will be repeated every year, under the supervision of the Higher Institute of Health, gradually With new topics related to the region and field studies.

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