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Scarlett Johansson, Benicio del Toro fact: What happened in that elevator

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Although nearly twenty years have passed, the story that saw Scarlett Johansson engaged in an affair with Benicio del Toro has not been confirmed or denied. Specifically, it is believed that during the 2004 Academy Awards, the two fell in love in the elevator of the prestigious Chateau Marmont hotel.

Finally, to comment on this episode, the person concerned thought about it during the podcast he hosted skimmer. Here Scarlett Johansson has admitted to being “haunted” by these rumors for years but how it has been greatly amplified.

After the 2004 Oscars, Scarlett Johansson and Benicio del Toro Could Make Love in an Elevator

Scarlett Johansson and Bencio del Toro-

However, during the confession, more attentive fans noticed how the woman avoided naming Benicio del Toro but there is no doubt that it was the story being commented on that saw the Puerto Rican actor as the protagonist. Among other things, a star Marvel Cinematic Universe Repeat how it may not be comfortable to make love in a confined space like an elevator.

By the way, even the time frame would have been too short for us to do anything. Then Scarlett admitted that a person cares so much about public opinion and fears that they will be caught doing something you shouldn’t.

To fuel gossip, it was the same actress a few years ago when she admitted to finding del Toro a cool boy and they’d been exchanging effusions inside an elevator, adding how unhealthy she found it.

The two have neither confirmed nor denied this story which is likely to remain among the legends related to the entertainment world

Earning Scarlett Johansson Stratosphere
Scarlett Johansson –

Obviously, Benicio was also interviewed about it and he never wanted to reveal himself too much. Specifically, the man said he leaves the answer to the imagination of the curious, specifying how Chateau Marmont has only 8 floors. In this time frame, therefore, the star sicario He admitted how he probably couldn’t even take his shirt off.

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So it’s hard to imagine what actually happened between the two, but the suspicion is that at least pleasantries were exchanged between the two. However, as mentioned, many years have passed and thus we won’t be able to learn more about this gossip either because the artists from the entertainment world have gone their separate ways and certainly won’t give importance to that story.

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