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Tom Hanks Almost Died: Backstory

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One of the most successful films of the early 2000s, Cast Away is the masterpiece that launched Tom Hanks on the Olympus of Hollywood’s best actors. Few people know that during the filming, the actor risked death from a terrible infection.

For starters, the protagonist of the story is Chuck Noland, COO of FedEx Who is the victim of a plane crash? The man, despite being able to save himself, will end up on a desert island where he will have to learn how to survive in contact with nature because he will have no food with him.

Tom Hanks’ performance in Cast Away earned him an Academy Award nomination as Russell Crowe triumphed.

Cast Away-

An unforgettable movie thanks to the wonderful interpretation of Tom Hanks who gave his best in this movie. To make the movie as realistic as possible, it was filmed on a small desert island. Specifically, the band found themselves Modric Islanda small plot of land 1.15 kilometers long and 600 meters wide, belonging to Fiji Islands.

With the really extravagant circumstances, therefore, Tom Hanks really risked his life while filming Cast Away. In fact, before the end of the movie, the guy had a leg wound that soon became infected. As the same actor told BBC In 2009, the movie forced him to go to the hospital where he had to stay for about three days.

The actor was taken to the hospital

Cast Away Tom Hanks-

He initially thought it was a simple infection, but his doctor immediately realized the seriousness of the situation and explained to Tom Hanks how hospital treatment was necessary before the wound infected all his blood and slowly led to his death.

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After this incident, Cast Away was placed in a hiatus for three weeks as the actor was unable to submerge in the water. Therefore, the film was the second and last collaboration to date between Hanks and the director Robert Zemeckis. So, it was their first time together forrest gump Another legendary movie that managed to win an Oscar for Tom Hanks.

In short, an amazing mix of artists who gave life to unforgettable films. Even Cast Away, in fact, earned him a nomination but the bust brought it home Russell Crowe In that year for his new performance the gladiator.

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