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Sb2rg Football School has changed its name: It will be Cuneo Ultrastora Football School

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Born in the summer of 2019, as an experimental cooperation project between small villages (San Benigno, Ruata Rossi, San Pietro del Gallo, Passator), Sb2rg Football School It continues its development process featuring a better than ever football presentation in a healthy context where the educational and assembly aspects of youth are kept among the elements that receive the most attention. To legitimize the track, the increased participation by the boys (around 160 in the 2021/22) season and the increased collaboration between the fractions was also the name change of the football school to be renamed from next season. Cuneo Ultrastorra Football School.

“What was born as an experiment and an effort to collaborate between the fractions, despite the two very complicated years due to COVID, has turned into a respected youth sector made up of coaches almost all recognized by FIFA, with a large number of boys who watched the football school score in all Leagues related to different years, so it was right to give a simpler and more representative name, which allows first of all boys, but also coaches, professionals and all those who walk around the football school, to recognize and develop a sense of belonging. These are the words of the board.

“This year we will also continue the Training of Trainers project that started last year in cooperation with Sampdoria (the next generation of Sampdoria) and also this year, despite the increased costs, we will keep the quota policy affordable for everyone (€100, 00 plus groups for juniors and €150.00 + kit from 2014 onwards) to advance our pillars with conviction: football is done in the best possible way (and the results achieved on youngsters prove it) for an accessible and open school of football!” Council concludes.

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