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Savings Books, New Notice from Poste Italiane to Owners

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Postal savings books, contractual terms have changed. Poste Italiane warns owners, let’s see what changes were made.

Contractual terms relating to postal books are being modified. The Poste Italiane notice explains the new terms.

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Among the products offered by Poste Italiane we find savings books. These are useful tools for small savers, issued by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and guaranteed by the Italian state. A large number of citizens chose this solution because of the many advantages it offers. I’m not here Opening or management costs, safe and available in different types so that every saver can choose the brochure that best suits their needs. You recently connected Poste Italiane Potential Extinction of Dormant Savings Accounts And now comes a Further notice Regarding brochures and contractual terms.

Poste Italiane, bad news for customers: savings are at risk, what’s going on

Thrift books, what the notice says from Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane warns users that since January 25th no longer active SuperSmart 360 Day Proposal. In addition, only holders of smart brochures or single-headed regular names will be able to benefit from paying money order on receipt by going to post offices other than the opening office.

ISEE 2022, Application Guide with Poste Italiane: The Free and Fast Procedure

Another report related to the reference period Feb 23/3 Mar & Mar 26/5 Apr 2022. Owners of smart booklet and plain paper name must abide by a withdrawal limit By going to the counter. In the absence of a passbook paper and in a post office other than the office in which the passbook itself is opened, maximum withdrawals can be made 1500 EUR.

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Types of tools to choose from

We remind you that it is currently possible to subscribe to smart brochure To be managed online through the Poste Italiane portal and through the BancoPosta application. The subscription can be done electronically and it will be as if you always have your savings with you. The alternative, then, is plain brochure With it it is possible to withdraw and pay at all post offices also with Carta Libretto. It is also possible to approve the INPS and INPDAP pension and receive bank transfers after they are linked to a bank or postal checking account. Finally, Poste Italiane suggests me brochures for minors Designed to teach children the importance of saving. It can be shared by parents, grandparents or uncles and you can choose different levels of autonomy based on the minor’s age – up to 12 years old, 12-14 years old and 14-18 years old.

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