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Poverty, an emergency that must be faced, the open assembly of Spazio Progressista

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Listening to the voices of those who do not turn their backs to understand the needs and requirements of the city. To study the potential and risk and thus build a common path of solidarity, as well as to develop a proposal for a systemic intervention. This is the purpose of the open gathering organized by the “Spazio Progressista” association – on Friday 2 December, at 5.30 pm at the Croce Verde headquarters in Viareggio – dedicated to the theme of poverty.

“In the face of the dramatic stories that have emerged, with those that have remained on the sidelines. Faced with the alarm set off by the volunteers committed daily to respond to the ever-increasing requests for help – explained the head of Spazio Progressista, Tiziano Nicoletti – we felt it necessary to open this window. Because poverty is a question that does not concern the individual, but the whole society. And to face the matter, then, the work of everyone is required: from the public, to the private sector, up to the single individual ».

When one thinks of poverty, one immediately associates it with economic hardship. But poverty is also inequality, restriction and denial of basic rights, an ancient phenomenon that, through the centuries and the evolution of society, has taken on new forms. To understand every aspect of it, and the signs left by the pandemic and the energy crisis, representatives of the Green Cross, Red Cross and Mercy were called upon to intervene; With Caritas, Germoglio and Casa delle Donne. The parish priest of San Francesco, Father Elzerio, who together with the canteen takes care of feeding those who do not have the possibility of preparing a meal together every day, will also be involved. She also invited social counselor Sarah Greeley.

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The public who will take part in this special open gathering Spazio Progressista asks to bring a shopping bag, intended to fill the store of associations that help people in economic difficulties on a daily basis. “There is only one way to deal with the crisis we are going through – concludes Nicoletti – by supporting each other.”

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