April 24, 2024

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Sasari, a short thriller film with local actors, “Night Bearer” was filmed

Sasari, a short thriller film with local actors, “Night Bearer” was filmed

The short film in Sassari.

The short film “night porterIt comes from an idea and a subject Fabiana Mikio. It took a good 3 years to film it, a sassariThanks to the slowdown caused by the pandemic, but it was worth the wait.

“At first I started a crowdfunding, which covered in a very small part some of the expenses. After that I started making avatars pitch grid To find producers, to no avail. there Date Production companies are impressed, but not unless you already have something behind, it’s hard To completely blindly trust the producer and fund your project. I had previously I already made some short films But at zero budget, the level was very demanding. Here, however, now almost a step away from graduating from the academy, You have reached the output mode Personal and mature that reflects how I feel and want Communicating with the viewer‘ says the director.

He knew it This project was original and attractiveThen she rolled up her sleeves and began to put aside everything she could. from the little ones Doing routine choresFrom photography to commercials, a small budget has reached 8 thousand euros And to reach the amount required to start shooting, self production.

“With the achievement of it short horror movie I mean to speak of our present society according to my vision. Around me I see cases of anxiety, poverty and corruption. loss of values. I see a world where it’s more important It shows you what you are. A world where, even when we have the possibility to change, things often do not go the way we would like them to. But this is a file Reason enough Not trying anyway? ‘ asks Miccio.

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The actors he picked are all from Sasari already Various experiences behindEither in the theater or in the cinema. The main character is luigi siasother actors Valentina Berda And the Roberto Bilardi.