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Sarmat Russian missile with nuclear warheads. Fast, accurate and deadly: ‘It could wipe out a country’

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“This weapon will not have an equal in the world for a long time,” Threat Russian President Vladimir Putinwhich praised the Russian Ministry of Defense, passes the TASS announcement: that Russia I tested a new one successfully intercontinental ballistic missileThe Sarmat or Devil 2capable of “penetrating any existing or future missile defense system”. For Putin, the new missile will give Russia security guarantees and “will make those who are trying to threaten our country, in the midst of feverish aggressive rhetoric, meditate. A clear message to the international community and to Russian public opinion as well.” Of course – Putin said, stressing that the carrier is fully productive. In Russia – this will simplify the mass production of the complex by defense industry enterprises and speed up its transfer to the arsenal of the Strategic Missile Forces.” Thus, the Kremlin also turned to Russian industrialists worried about the blockade of high-tech components wanted by the West.


The launch took place from the Plesetsk base, 800 kilometers north of Moscow, at 3.12 pm local time, and again, according to the Kremlin, “This was the first of a planned series, and as soon as the plan is completed, the Sarmat missile system will enter service in Strategic Missile Forces”. The first missiles are expected to replace the R-36M2 Voevoda at the Krasnoyarsk base in central Siberia. Yesterday, Satan 2 flew over most of the vast Russian territory to hit the Kura missile test field, in the Kamchatka region, in the Far East. Time: to travel 5450 kilometers, or the whole of Russia 15 minutes.The video shows a huge 115-foot-high missile launched from an underground silo, igniting a huge fireball.Putin announced in his famous address to the Chambers, delivered on March 1, 2018, less than Three weeks after the presidential elections that confirmed his existence, he prepared the new weapon, and he sent a message to the United States: “Now listen to us.” So the United States shows no surprise now.

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An intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is equipped with thermonuclear weapons. It is liquid propellant, weighs 200 tons, and is said to be capable of firing twelve thermonuclear warheads with an explosive power of up to 750 kilotons. The Hiroshima atomic bomb weighed about 15 kilotons. Sarmat or Satan 2 can also deliver the new Avangard Hypersonic Glide (HGV). Avangard’s high speed, low trajectory, and mid-flight maneuverability could become immune to interception by the US Thaad’s armor system, simply by resorting to a path that passes over Earth’s South Pole, an area not covered by any device. Early warning radar or defensive missile system. With a range of more than 18,000 km, Sarmat can make a trip around the Earth and hit targets on the other side of the planet from unexpected directions within an hour. It is capable of destroying an entire country like France. Serial production of the RS-28 Sarmat was supposed to start in 2020, two years after Putin’s announcement, but the weapon was developed starting in 2011 to replace the previous R-36M missile.

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