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How to achieve inner peace with space and painting

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Hello all dear readers, I am Giuseppe and I am going to talk to you about a topic special to me, which I have loved to deepen since I was very young: space.

In this article I will express the birth of my passion and considerations for me. I’ve been wondering for years “What is beyond the limits of the universe? Does the universe have limits? What was there before the famous Big Bang?”

Here, I think we know nothing about space and that there will always be something we don’t know that we astronomers call the mystery of the universe. I wonder how and why this passion was born in me, I think it was something spontaneous, thanks also to my great desire to move on …

Thinking of the infinite universe, I’ve always thought: “Infinity is not a number and infinite we mean something too deep to be deciphered, infinity means infinity, but even if the universe continues to expand in infinite motion, it meets the end.” So, in my opinion, the infinite universe has an end, and it is closed like a circle. It contains many secrets, the most important of which is time travel. I love the universe and when I grow up I will be an astronomer thinking about my dream and wishing you a day in space!

Giuseppe Davanzo11 years

Drawing releases feelings

Drawing has always been my biggest passion. It makes me feel good because I can forget about negative thoughts and fears. I also like to color the drawings especially with heat colours, but also with watercolors and markers. Drawing for me is the best way to represent what I feel in a way that is unique and completely different from others.

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My favorite painter is Frida Kahlo. After she had an accident, she had to stay in bed every day, but despite this, she continued to pursue her great passion. He made self-portraits by looking in the mirror. In my opinion she is a great example of courage and desire to pursue a dream.

However, it may sometimes occur to believe that drawing and coloring is something superficial or a waste of time. Instead, it is a way to express oneself without being judged. Indeed, as George Bernard Shaw said: “Mirrors are used to look at one’s face and art is used to look at one’s soul.” So, in my opinion, drawing and coloring are ways to be yourself and express our feelings.

Lucia Purcelli12 years

Friday 7 October 2022

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