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Fines for viewers, here who will have to pay up to 1,000 euros

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Illegal IPTVs are a trend that arose with the advent of digital subscriptions, which allowed you to enjoy for free the services offered by various streaming service platforms, such as Netflix, DAZN or Sky.

The authorities periodically run checks to find those who are still using these illegal methods to watch paid programs, and the latest episode includes an Ascoli Piceno entrepreneur and more than 6000 subscribers.

Fines for IPTV subscribers – Google

Illegal streaming, what happened in Ascoli

In the past few days, the Iptv system was discovered in Ascoli Piceno by a local businessman. Guardia di Finanza became aware of more than 6000 subscribers of illegal streaming services, allowing them to watch programs intended for PayTV users, such as NowTV, DAZN or Netflix.

The famous “pezzotto”, which allows access to these visual contents, is a free illegal means which, by connecting to the Internet and using TCP / IP protocols, is able to guarantee viewing of paid programs.
This method can lead to fines that can easily reach 1,000 euros, a fate that all subscribers discovered by the authorities will have to face.

Penalties may vary between users of these devices and their distributors, so a complaint will also be made.

One of the most used services (as well as the most popular movies and TV series at the moment) is related to watching the Champions League, one of the most followed sporting events by the Italian public.

The CEO of Fact, Kieron Sharp expressed himself on this matter by inviting all fans to use legal methods to watch games, where there are not only criminal penalties, but also the data of the users themselves.

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What are the dangers of illegal IPTV devices

Taking advantage of these services causes enormous economic damage to companies, affecting the entire film and television production system, as it is a harmful mechanism for the economy, GDP and employment.

Those who limit themselves to using a “pezzotto” for personal and private use can receive a fine ranging from a minimum of 134 euros to a maximum of 1032, depending on the amount of material displayed.

For all people who use these methods to make a profit, perhaps by selling recorded content, they will face another measure, which includes a fine of 2.582 to 15493 euros and a detention from 6 months to 3 years.

Ascoli iptv fines piceno
IPTV fines and imprisonment for users –

Guardia di Finanza becomes aware of all subscribers as soon as the server is closed, and manages to identify all the people involved in the crime.

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