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Football, Pistoia: Moretti ‘Let’s think about salvation’ – News of Pistoia, Prato, Florence

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Waiting to see who will be the opponent Bestwiz to me Play (This decision will only be made after the last day of the tournament Series C Next Saturday), Mr. Marco Alessandrini’s team must prepare for the Luca match. Training resumed at full speed and the oranges know that it will be important to win to get fifth from last as well because the best position will bring advantages in qualifying.

Everything is still in the balance because the arrangement is currently on display Bestwiz And Viterbo at height 36, Firmana 35 And Imola 34.

All knots will loosen at the last turn.

The young group is cohesive and focused on the last effort in view of the exercises. The team’s growth, and performance, beyond the recent defeat at home against Pescara where Pistoisi would have deserved more, can only give hope.

to talk aboutGoal Stop It was Defender Lorenzo Morettia player who has developed game by game, showing thanks to his technical and physical characteristics to help in the covering phase and also in the offensive phase if necessary.

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