April 23, 2024

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Stock Exchanges Today, April 28th. Price data listings are not confirmed. Gas remained at its lowest level since June 2021

Stock Exchanges Today, April 28th.  Price data listings are not confirmed.  Gas remained at its lowest level since June 2021

Milan – European stock markets are advancing uncertainly on a day full of macro data. In France, there was a growth of 0.2%, while the figure released byIstat related to Italy clearly beyond expectations. On the other hand, German data disappointed, as GDP stalled. During the session, inflation data affected the indices of the old continent, which returned to raise its head in France and Spain. Instead, price data slowed in Germany and in the afternoon in the US.

In Asia, Tokyo closed sharply higher (+1.4%) after Bank of Japan Governor Kazuo Ueda decided to leave aggressively expansionary policy unchanged at the first meeting under his leadership.

price Gasat their lowest since June 2021. In the morning at TFF in Amsterdam, the European reference centre, contracts were trading at $38.64, down more than 1%.

Wall Street is negative at the open

Wall Street opened negative. The Dow Jones index lost 0.35%, to 33,811.00 points, the Nasdaq index fell 0.06%, to 13,223.25 points, while the S&P 500 index lost 0.22%, to 4,144.75 points.

German inflation slowed

Inflation in Germany slowed beyond expectations in April. The Consumer Price Index rose 0.4% on a monthly basis, slowing from the 0.6% recorded in March. The yearly figure recorded an increase of 7.2% against +7.4% for the previous month and +7.3% expected by the market.

Stock exchanges unchanged after the US data

European stock markets remained essentially unchanged after the US inflation data. Milan (-1.22%, Ftse Mib at 26,826 points) and Madrid (-1.12%) remain the most affected banks with Unicredit leaving 4.6% and Banco Bpm 4.2%. Frankfurt rebounded (+0.16%) after German GDP remained unchanged in the first quarter of the year. on London parity (+0.06%). Paris confirms its decline (-0.5%). The spread between the Btp and the Bund drops to 188 pips as does the yield on the Italian 10-year note, which stands at 4.22%.
The price of gas rose to €39.5 per MWh with the Amsterdam TTF +0.8%. Oil also rose with WTI over $75 a barrel and Brent over $79 a barrel. The Euro is weak, trading at $1.0985.

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US inflation is slowing

If France and Spain give worrying signals about prices in Europe. US inflation is slowing. Consumer prices in March rose 4.2% year on year. Consumer prices rose 5.1% in February.

EU stock exchanges extended declines

Piazza Affari expands the losses dragged down by the banking sector. The Ftse Mib index recorded a gain of 1.66% at 26,706.25 points in the middle of the session. Unicredit -4.75%, Bper -4.71%, Finecobank -4.61%, Banco Bpm -4.6% slipped into the list. Ftse Mib is on track to lose more than 3% this week and more than 1% during the month.

Asian stocks closed higher

Asian stocks closed higher on the back of strong corporate earnings from major US technology companies that lifted sentiment despite persistent concerns about a weak economy, while the yen fell after the Bank of Japan kept rates very low even if it announced a major monetary policy overhaul. The Nikkei index ended the session up 1.4% at 28,856.44 points. In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng Index closed with a gain of 0.3% to 19,894.57 points, while the Shanghai Composite Index recorded a gain of 1.1%, to 3,323.27 points. The Kospi index in Seoul rose 0.2 percent to 2,501.53 points.

General, 90% of shareholders approve of the financial statements

The Generali shareholder meeting, which just ended, approved all items on the agenda by a very large majority. In particular, the balance sheet was given the go-ahead with more than 90% of the share capital present at the meeting (63.22%) voted through the appointed representative. Shareholders’ support for the first part of the report on the policy of remuneration and compensation paid to senior managers was reduced, as it was approved by 69.945% of the capital against 14.354% against and 15.701% abstained from voting, and for the second part approved by it it got 67.922% of the votes in favor of it, Against 16.348%, 15.73% abstained from voting.
The appointment of Stefano Marsaglia to the board of directors, chosen in mid-July after the resignation of Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone, received a favorable vote of 89.374%.

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Generali, Caltagirone and Delfin determine the stake

Small changes in the shares of the major shareholders of Generali. From a reading made by President Andrea Sironi at the Mediobanca meeting it appears to have 13.11% on hand with a 0.11% approximation. Delfin of the Del Vecchio family and the Caltagirone group instead restricted their presence in the company’s share capital. Delfin fell from 9.99 to 9.77%, and Caltagirone Group from 6.56 to 6.23%. On the other hand, the share of Benetton owned through Schema33 remained unchanged at 4.83%.

Piazza Affari is a bit run down

Piazza Affari turns negative less than an hour after trading begins. The Ftse Mib Index recorded -0.37% at 27,057.55 points.

France’s inflation rose to 5.9%.

In April in France, inflation rose in the first reading to 5.9% annually, compared to the last March figure of 5.7%. This was announced by the French statistical office. The rise in inflation comes from the acceleration of energy and services prices. On the contrary, food prices have slowed down.

Europe opens positively

European stock exchanges start the session in the positive zone, after the Asian markets and Wall Street. Investors’ attention is focused on the GDP and inflation data of the main countries of the Old Continent. A series of data that will be evaluated by the European Central Bank for upcoming monetary policy decisions. Starting in Frankfurt (+0.53%), Paris (+0.2%) and London (+0.19%).

French GDP grew by 0.2%.

French GDP grew by 0.2% in the first quarter of the year, more than the forecast for 0.1% growth. This is what emerged from the French National Institute of Statistics (INSI). According to estimates, industrial production and exports will have an impact.

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