September 21, 2023

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Thousands of Euros in One Currency: Here’s the 100 Lira That Equals a Fortune

There are many stories of rare coins that were found by chance in the house and sold for thousands of euros. In particular, the old Italian lira could, in certain circumstances, be worth a fortune. Here are some examples that you can look for at home.

With the transition from the Italian lira to the euro in 2002, there were not a few who, for personal memory or other reasons, kept some coins from the old coins, and with hindsight it could be said that they were an investment. This is not always the case, but some old coins that once could have been used for ice cream or pizza can now be worth thousands of euros. The currency that we will talk about today is called among collectors the “100 Minerva Lira”. As you can imagine, it is a coin with a face value of 100 lira, minted at Acmonital between 1955 and 1989, and measures 27.8 mm in diameter, 8 grams in weight, and 2 mm in thickness. On the obverse of the coin there is an Italian head with a laurel wreath, and on the reverse, Minerva is shown with a spear in her hand.

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The value of the coins changes according tocurrency uniqueness itself, if it contained a particularly rare coin, or better yet, minting errors, and the degree of preservation. In numismatics, they exist Specific abbreviations to indicate the state of saving coins:

  • FDC: Glossy Uncirculated, or coins which do not show signs of circulation or are in any case very limited, best preserved with original brilliance on the surfaces;
  • SPL: awesome, which are coins that were very little in circulation, with inscriptions intact;
  • BB: Beautiful, which are coins that have been in circulation and have larger inscriptions with signs of wear, even if they remain legible;
  • MB: So cute, or coins worn with some illegible parts;
  • B: beautiful, or soft coins with most of the inscriptions gone;
  • D: fair, almost perfectly smooth coins with barely perceptible inscriptions or distorted markings
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Knowing this, the Minerva 1954 100 lira coin is the highest value of all coins of the same type. As a test coin, very few examples were minted, and today one such coin of great quality can be worth up to 3000 euros.