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Diablo 4 inspired a haute couture collection at Milan Fashion Week 2023 –

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Diablo 4 inspired one High fashion collectiontitled Chthonic Penumbra, which was given to the Danish house Han Kjobenhavn Milan Fashion Week 2023as part of a curious and original collaboration with Blizzard.

A few days after the announcement of the dates for the open beta, Diablo 4 continues to remain in the spotlight, in this case thanks to an unusual but decidedly cool project, created with great enthusiasm starting from a strange concept: “Hell is a beautiful place”.

Jannik Wikkelso Davidsen, Creative Director of Han Kjobenhavn, explained that this type of collaboration usually revolved around the production of shoes and accessories, but it had become a somewhat bloated sector and there was a desire to do something completely new.

Hence the idea of ​​working with Blizzard on a set inspired by the world of Diablo, dark and disturbing but at the same time elegant in its own way. Translating the emotions and atmosphere that the RPG series has always conveyed into textures and lines, and doing so in a very bold and creative way.

There are many touchpoints on an aesthetic level, and for some time now the brand has been looking for dark and distressed images, with an “emphasis on black leather and imposing shapes.”

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