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Ryan Gould is the boy nicknamed the ‘Scottish Messi’.

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NXGN traces his harrowing career that took him from Scotland, Portugal and Canada.

Vancouver is a long way from Scotland, and even further from Barcelona.

However, it is in this Canadian city that overlooks the Pacific that it was once nicknamed.Scottish Messi’. about this Ryan Gould, a player capable of cutting through MLS defenses. He has been playing there for almost two years now and in that time, he has displayed some qualities that have led him to be compared to the greatest player of all time.

These are the comparisons he made when he was a child. It was then that he shouldered the entire responsibility of being the big star that the entire country was waiting for. They called him ‘Scottish MessiAlthough it was already clear to everyone that he would not live up to that label. Who can anyway? Perhaps it would have been nice to talk of him as the next Kenny Dalglish or perhaps the next Denis Law, but this is not the case.

Colt, in the end, he’s not quite the hero Scotland expected, or at least he hasn’t become one yet. After suffering one setback after another across Europe, he discovers that far from home is the best place to bring out his best.

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